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Fresh-Faced New User

Be'lakor as "Deamons of chaos" cannot be taken as ally for khorne, slaanesh and so on. Is this really how it's suppoese to be?? He's a damn deamon prince. Am I seeing this right?

Only faction that can take him is.....everchosen. Anyone knows if its confirmed / faq'ed?
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Terminator with Assault Cannon

You are correct, welcome to the stupidity of wanting to use old models. Trust me there is a lot of weird stuff like that, Slaves to darkness is even worse.

Deamon price is a hero choice for them, but guess what, the daemon price does not have the Slaves to Darkness keyword so it breaks the bonus. AOS is in a desperate need to have some one sit down and fix all of these inconsistencies between warscrolls and key words.

kill ALL the orks!

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Lesser Daemon of Chaos

To be fair Be'lakor is the master of darkness, not a slave to it
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