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Hey Everyone! Need help rememberig a name of W40K book  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Hey there,

I am looking help to remind me a name of W40K book, that I read long ago. The problem is I only remeber small details of the story, so I couldn't find it through google. Anyway here is what I remember:

The story is about a marine(i think), he was travelling somewhere on a space ship, and then there was something about warp and the whole ship being consumed by it, and so this marine ended up on some plantet, in a desert...

Sorry about such a bad description, but it was so long ago - this are the only details I remember. Please comment if you somehow made out the book I am talking about. Thank you!
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Could it be First Heretic? Main focus on a Space Marine, ships gets sent into the warp and gets messed up by it. They're on Cadia too at one point too.

Heresy era stuff about the Word Bearers.

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Hello and welcome to Dakka!

Sadly I can't help you with the book as I haven't read any 40k novels. Maybe you could ask in the 40k background forum?

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Do you remember what this character was fighting? It's usually the biggest giveaway, since novels are centered around specific conflicts.

The only thing I can think of involving a guy stranded in the desert is the Ciaphas Cain novel Death or Glory. He is en route to Perlia when the Orks attack his ship in the Warp, and he gets stranded with his aide on Perlia. He then has to lead a ragtag militia to safety.

Here's a synopsis:

Then again, Cain novels are distinct from other 40k novels because they are not grimdark. Rather, they are picaresque, a genre centered around the adventures of an appealing scoundrel or thief-like character that allows the reader to explore the setting from the perspective of a commoner with a realist tone.

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