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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


I am interested in purchasing a large necron force, however, many of the items I will not need. I am looking to find buyers/traders for the extra stuff before I place my order. This is what I will have for sale/trade 

60 necron warriors - new on sprue
15 scarab swarms - new

GW retails warriors at $35 for 12 - I was thinking $35 for 20 would be fair (40% off)- of course, I am always inclined to barter if people do not think that more than fair. The scarab swarms I am not exactly sure of a fair price, so make me an offer. If you want to take all of it, we can work the price even a bit lower. I could also get an additional 20 warriors and 5 swarms if I had the interest.I guess what I am saying is at least make an offer. I am also looking for the following in trade:

2 tomb spyders
10 immortals
1 necron lord

I also have the following for sale/trade
GD Archaon on Foot model

Space Marines
1 Space Wolf Iron priest, based and primed
2 4th edtion space wolf scouts with bolt pistol, ccw, on base, unprimed
Space Marine/Wolf transfers

16 new guardians on sprue
1 Fire Dragon Exarch- out of blister loose
1 Vyper on sprue
3 rangers primed black
3 professionally assembled warwalkers- all mold lines have been sanded and guns have been pinned so they can be easily removed and replaced with other guns (I have a bunch of extras)  sell for $48
1 Falcon new on sprue

Dark Elf- Slaanesh Stuff
Several Dark Elf warriors on sprue and 4-5 assembled but not painted or primered.
Dark Elf Assasin- Harkon- 5th edition in blister
1 Dechala- assembled, based and and base gap filled
3 furies
1 Morathi- assembled well and primed black
12 witch elves include command-based, bare metal
2 Plastic Cold ones on sprue, I also think I have the riders as well out of box

2 converted slaanesh dark elf bolt throwers- 1 is professionally painted and was a Golden Daemon entry last year the other was painted tabletop- they are one of a kind, if interested Ill send pictures but they wont be dirt cheap.

Chaos Space Marines
1 Blister of chaos space marines - metal

Tyranid Codex

1 dwarf army book- old 6th edition book- will let this go real cheap

2 Sets of Jungle Sprues- 1 primed black, 1 mint

Bits: I have various chaos, eldar, dark eldar. Space marine and dark elf bits. Ask if you are looking for something.

White Dwarf Magazines
The White Dwarf- Warcry Card + a stack of unplayed warcry cards

X-BOX, hardly been used everything works great

X-Box Games
Lord of the Rings, Return of the King
Spyro- A Heroes Tale
Jade Empire- Special Edition

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Standing outside Jester's house demanding the things he took from my underwear drawer.

PM sent.

I've seen the Reaper Exarch with both weapon options and both look like things you can buy in sex shops. A weapon should not look like this, not even a Emperor's Children weapon. -Symbio Joe 
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

PM sent
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