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Fresh-Faced New User

Before I dive straight into my list i just want to make it clear that I'm new to Wh40k

HQ: Lord of contagion (Plaguereaper) 150 points
Troops: 1 five man squad of plague marines (4 bolters,1 plasma gun) 108 points
1 seven man of squad of plague marines (5 bolters,1 melta gun, plague champion has a power fist and plasma pistol, Icon of despair ) 179 points
1 sixteen man squad of poxwalkers 96 points
Fast attack: 1 Bloat drone (2 Plaguespitters and a plague probe) 158 points

Total:691 points

Now with that out of the way I'm having trouble with Admech. My friend just puts all of his stuff in a gun line and guns down my guys. I can deal with his electro-priests when they teleport in but my friend just uses his dunecrawler and his skitarii vanguard to mope up my army.
I'm not so sure which units are worth it, but i do have my eyes on Mortarion, the only problem with that is that my friend has 2 imperial knights.
Anything helpful is much appreciated
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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Auckland New Zealand


Welcome to Dakka, you may have better luck putting up your list in the army lists subforum

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1) Play Maelstrom or the ITC missions. Anything where you can score objectives on every turn,

2) Play with lots of terrain that blocks Line of Sight in the middle of the board.

3) Below 2000 points the board should be no bigger than 120cm x 120cm.

4) If you want to run poxwalkers you should get Typhus
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Contagious Dreadnought of Nurgle

Williamsburg VA

Cultists. You need a blob to pump up your pox walkers. They also provide shooting.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Personally I say ditch the pox walkers, they are just point fillers in my opinion. I have like 40 of them and they barely ever touch the field, save for if I'm short on points for a match.

My strategy which usually works is putting two five-ten man squads in Chaos rhinos and ramming them into the enemy forces, Death Guard are slow, so I make up for it by just slamming them at my opponents at break neck speeds.

Also maybe pick up an Malignant Plague Caster, they are freaking terrifying with Curse of the leper being one of the best examples (Roll seven dice, for every dice that is above the targets toughness deal a mortal wound to the targeted unit)

Last but not least if you want to break out the bookoo bucks, pick up a squad of Blight lord terminators, with Disgustingly resilient and a terminator save they are very hard to put down. Also as a step ahead, maybe get a Plague burst crawler? Hook it up with Entropy cannons and you got yourself a hell have a firing platform. Should take down any big dudes your friend has and then some.

Hope this helps!
Made in kr
Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

your mind

I like your collection, and unlike others would not advise you to sideline units just cuz they don't seem to optimize a 'list' to win in the current 'meta' - imho that is all shallow-minded waac nonsense.

Poxwalkers are super cool looking, and add a lot to the feel of the army imho - keep them.

I think that you need some ranged firepower, some more mobility, a transport or two, and then other stuff.

My advice is to add another drone (or two), buy a rhino, a predator, and cultists.

You should be able to find cultists from older boxed editions on ebay on the cheap, second hand rhinos and even predators can be resprayed or even used as is if you are picky (don't try stripping, unless you are sure that the thing hasn't been coated with sprays or painted with hard-to-strip paints, cuz if they have been then stripping is actually not an easy process and it is time-consuming, so best off just buying new at that point imo). Blight drones are easily available.

Another option is simply to pick up the death guard half of one of the recent boxed releases to add more boots and another drone, as this may afford some hefty savings especially if you know someone who only bought the box for the mahweenies.

Finally, make sure to take advantage of ALL the rules that benefit death guard, including the move and fire rules so load up on heavy weapons where feasible, especially cheap bolter weapons, as you can for example rapid fire bolters and fire heavy bolters and assault cannons and so on while moving which rocks.

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I'm also new to WH40K and play admech 8th ed. Guess I'm even noober because I didn't know electro priests could teleport..is that right?

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Also, I've only played a few games but the quickest way to crush my admech army is by melee bombardment. I too need help figuring out how to round out my list so that I'll have an answer for that.

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Swift Swooping Hawk

Hello and welcome to Dakka!

That's really all I can say, I know nothing about Death Guard. Still, there are many others who can help you here.

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I think the problem is in such a small game your buddy has a huge advantage being a shooty army as you dont have anything to cause him to prioritise it, id maybe get a daemon prince and give him the 2+ armour artifact and a vehicle or 2 to increase your speed up the table.

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Agree with the above. You need some ranged firepower to start disrupting your opponent early, and something which can get into combat quickly and pull a bit of focus.

Deepstrike in some Deathshroud terminators. They're not going to survive forever, but either your opponent focuses resources on them, letting you march up the table a bit easier, or he ignores them, in which case you use them to cut down a few units.

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