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Hi guys, a general question about how to make the herd stone for Beastmen in the new edition. One problem I have is that it says it has to be 3 inches across, which seems really small considering that your army has to pretty much be on top of it to benefit. Has anyone made one of their own or offer any advice / suggestions. Any help would be great. Mostly just because the written rules / guidelines on the terrain piece seem pretty unconventional.

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It can be up to 4" across and the traits it has affect units within 3" of the terrain piece. Accordingly only one model in the unit needs to be within 3" for the whole unit to benefit. The only ones you really want standing on the thing are characters so they can get cover.

For the piece itself... There are lots of guides on making herdstones out there so I'd just find an idea that looks cool and construct it on a 4" base.

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In future please try not to copy paste threads across different forums, even if you're trying to use it to ask 2 different questions (a modelling one and a rules one). Be specific and clear in each thread, differentiating them. That way we won't have to alter/close one

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