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I had a rules question that came up this weekend and I was looking to find something authoritative in the core AoS rules or errata to solve it but so far was not seeing anything.

Some units have multiple models with random attacks, such as Stormfiends Ratling Cannons (3D6). If a unit has multiple models with the same weapon with random attacks, do you roll once for the Attacks value and apply that to the entire unit or does each model roll? I have generally seen opponents roll for each model but I played someone who showed me a Helpful Tips & Tricks section in a PDF battletome (Sylvaneth maybe?) that seemed to indicate otherwise.
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As far as I can tell, you roll individually for each model. I don't remember seeing the Helpful Tips & Tricks section in my Sylvaneth battletome, either. Could be wrong, though.

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this seems to be a grey area in aos as it is nowhere clarified by my knowledge.

you could argument either way.
All gw games I have played have rules in them that you would throw for each model when determining attacks and Ihave and I have always seen it being played that way. This seems the most logic to me.

But to be the devils advocate: random movement is usually thrown for the unit so why would different random stats be treated different?

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Although the answer is not in the AoS core rules, it is in the section "Warscrolls - Hints & Tips" of various publications, e.g. every Battletome.

Random Values: Sometimes, the
Move or weapon characteristics on
a warscroll will have random values.


Generate any random values for a
weapon (except Damage) each time it is
chosen as the weapon for an attack. Roll
once and apply the result to all such
weapons being used in the attack. The
result applies for the rest of that phase.

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