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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced Inquisitorial Acolyte

Hi all, I'm heading to warhammer world this weekend and am thinking what I'd end up getting... so i thought I'd write a list that had an Exalted bloodthirster in it :-)

Might not be the best list out there but what do people think:

Exalted bloodthirster

Bloodthirster of unfettered fury

Bloodthirster of insensate rage

Wrath of khorne bloodthirster



10 marausers

10 marauders

10 marauders

Council of blood battalion

2000pts spot on (relics/etc tbc)

Made in be
Regular Dakkanaut

Here are my thoughts on your list.

Do you need the secrator? Your thirsters are way to fast for him to keep up with his bubble.

A bloodstoker might be a better choice as he is an excellent combo with your wrath of khorne thirster. As you can get a unit to charge turn one (+4 on run and charge, and running and charging in the same turn, re-roll charge ranges from the IR. So on avarage that is moving up 17 inch, and having a charge range of 11 if you throw a 7 on 2d6 with a thrister) I never play a WOK without a stoker.

Make insensate rage your general and give him trait slaughterborn. Re-roll to hit on that Insensate rage does miracles and makes him rather OP. especially if you can give him +1 to hit with the priest also. If you can charge him in first turn and are lucky enough to trigger outrageous carnage it might be blow hard to recover from, especially as there are 3 more bloodthirsters on the battlefield.

As artefact, give one of your thirsters mark of the slayer. That is insanely good if you can trigger it on multiple thirsters.

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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced Inquisitorial Acolyte

Fair point on the Bloodsecrator... pure force of habit to include him, the stoker is a much better idea!

Good points all round... I'll have a think, cheers ^_^
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