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Some questions about missions of pitched battle in general handbook2017 and more  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Fresh-Faced New User

Hi, I'd like to ask some questions when I played AOS pitched battle recently.

Most players and me are not English speakers, so it might misunderstanding from translation(also I'm not good English speaker too)

Okay then here is thing,

In some battle plans(ex;'Total conquest', 'battle for the pass'), need 'more 20 models' for holding objectives. And this is only one for holding it, not a unit of less 20 models.

Is it right? or Am i missing other rule which even one model can capture an objective?

Some players are unconvincing it, because most elite army can't get a point by holding objectives and must change a their roster(using at least 20 liberators or allies).

Besides, I'm also one of stormcast player. I'd like know how stormcast player controls an objective in 'Total conquest' and 'Battle for the pass' battle plans.

(I'm consider to use vanguard wing with a unit of 30 models liberators)

Thank you
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Regular Dakkanaut

I think this one will cover your question

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