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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Looking for some input on the state of play for WM/H.

I haven't touched the game since MK2
Made in ca
Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot

London, Ontario

I've only known mk3, and I enjoy it greatly. I wish I had more Friday nights available to play at my FLGS. I've tried to talk my friends into it, but they're not interested in learning a new game, really. I can push, but it's not much fun to play with someone who doesn't really care about the game they're playing.

After a few "learning" games, I'm at a point where I don't know much about anyone else's army, but can come up with a strategy on my own, and when I lose a game I can usually figure out where I went wrong, in terms of target priority or mistakes I made. I think it's a great game. I like it much more than I do 40k.

I genuinely wish my friends hadn't put as much cash into 6th and 7th edition armies, so they would be less resistant to "abandoning" their models. Like we'd never play 40k again. *eye roll*
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I'm really happy with it. It feels a lot more like the game I wanted when I first started the game. Heavies are finally fun and relevant pieces of the game and that alone is a pretty huge addition.

The game has shifted hard into theme forces which I rather enjoy. They're not nearly as linear as the MK2 themes, as they are no longer caster specific but instead encompass subfactions. Overall it does a great job making armies feel cohesive and gives the game a little more identity on the table.

It's certainly not flawless. Cryx was in rough shape at the start of the edition but has been overbuffed back into an oppressive and rather unfun army to play against. The new scenario packet is really dynamic and interesting but there's a few models that can exploit it in rather unfortunate ways as well. They're doing a good job with their new community testing process though of reacting to problems and in general the themes seem to be giving them a good way to compartmentalize and address problem models.

Overall I think its the most fun the game's been, but its still fundamentally the same game.... just with Warjacks for a change.
Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

With Warjacks is good!
Made in us

Huntsville, Texas

Sadly it has died off completely in my area, everybody who had Warmachine/Hordes stuff switched back to 40k.

I ended up selling my stuff earlier this year. Really wanted to play more of MK.III
Made in us

Eaton Rapids, MI

It's a strange dynamic right now.

The game its self is probably in it's best form ever. If you stay off the FB groups (cuz they blew up their forums), and just play the game its good fun. It has an almost MK1 power level feel tempered with MK2's balance of forces.

Sadly there are too many places where the game is collapsing, I think this has more to do with the end of the PG program than anything else. I think people became used to the PG's setting up game nights and running events. With the fall of the PGs the game has fizzled and died in my area. It is anecdotal but I've heard this happening far to much.

I am however excited for CoI, It gives people a reason to dust off a few models and still get that IK/ WM fix without having to bring out all the models..... I'm hoping this will bring a bit of energy back to my community.

Now with 100% more blog....

CLICK THE LINK to my painting blog... You know you wanna. Do it, Just do it, like right now.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

here its almost back on top, only X-wing can match it for players and play time, the guildballers all bought back into it and there are regular events so its state here is healthy as can be.
Made in us

We have a pretty active group here in in Uptown Chicago. We also regularly make forays out to Indiana and Wisconsin which also have decently strong metas. It's rare to see new bloods that stick it out, however. The game's learning curve is too steep, I'm afraid. I'd say one in five of us are willing to play battlebox games against newbies, although I think we're too overbearing on friendly advice.
Made in us
Plaguelord Titan Princeps of Nurgle

Tampa, FL

It fell here when 8th edition 40k came but I'm seeing more people talking about it so I am considering getting back in and taking things slow; last time I played the complex interactions during the game itself was very overwhelming to me and felt insurmountable. The game itself looks like it's never been better. Despite some things PP still does that seems off.

- Wayne
Formerly WayneTheGame 
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