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Firstly, new hard plastic 15mm Cold War Soviet Infantry are due to arrive from the factory15th December so the pre-order prize draw will close tomorrow at noon UK time - dont miss out!

1st prize: £75 worth of PSC products (your choice)
2nd prize: £50 worth of PSC products (your choice)
3rd prize: £25 worth of PSC products (your choice) 

A 3 platoon plus HQ company sized box of hard plastic 15mm Cold War Soviet Infantry. 125 figures - all you will need! Riflemen, grenadiers, RG7s and PKM machine guns plus heavy weapons support of AT-3 Sagger, AT-4 Spiggot, AGS-17 Grenade Launcher, SA-7 Grail and SA-14 Gremlin AA Missile

1/72nd T55 Willstarter is about 20 shy of the 200 target but because its Christmas I've thrown it over the line and it is in tooling production as we speak, hopefully for a January release. Pre-order here and enter into a prize draw to get a platoon of 3 painted T55s and a discount to the release price:-


Plastic 15mm M60A3 tank is very nearly ready. It is just going to miss the Christmas shutdown end of next week but will be released 12th January 2018. You can pre-order now and get it before general retail release and at a 10% discount!

More news on 10mm Cold War plastic and Battlegroup Northag in the new year.........
 Filename M60_mock-up.jpg [Disk] Download
 File size 1820 Kbytes

[Thumb - M60-PSC-Cutting-Board.jpg]

[Thumb - SovInf_box(lr).jpg]

[Thumb - cutting board-command (002).jpg]

[Thumb - infantry-figures-cutting board.jpg]

[Thumb - T55_box(red).jpg]

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Our gaming group are twiddling our thumbs waiting for Northag, or at least more news on it.
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