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Dakka Veteran

When a unit of at least 5 Ork models fires in the shooting phase, or in overwatch, you may select one missed shot. This shot counts as having hit on a 6, irrespective of all modifiers.
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Tinkering Tech-Priest

Maybe just reroll 1 shot per every 5 shots in an ork unit.

As an admech player your transports offend me. 
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Dakka Veteran

A re-roll against a -2 penality for an Ork is a complete waste of time, no? Even against -1, 20 Orks get you 3 re-rolls, statistically adding zero hits.

We've already wasted enough time with their additional shots on 6's stratagem which mostly rolls a lot of dice for little effect. Why do you feel more re-rolls is the way to go with such a low BS?
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Longtime Dakkanaut

What is the intention of this rule? It feels kind of moot to give 30 shoota boyz one more hit, but I'd also be mildly concerned about giving a free hit to bustas and lootas. It also makes lootas and bustas weirdly good at overwatch compared to, say, dark reapers, devastators, crisis suits, etc.

So I'm seeing a few little peculiarities to this rule without seeing what it would solve/how it would improve the game.
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Dakka Veteran

[Shurg] I've felt a forum full of complaining about how poor Ork shooting is,and how badly it shoots under the effect of modifiers. It doesn't particularly make them 'Good' at shooting, but it seemed a nice mechanical way to represent a huge volume of inaccuarate fire, without being particularly damaging or gamebreaking. Now every time you fire an ork unit, it _will_ do something. Not much, but something. It might do more than that, it might not. But no matter how fast you are, there's enough Dakka someone's going to get hit.
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Resolute Ultramarine Honor Guard


You could just give Orks more shots on their weapons?

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Dakka Veteran

Just give them a special rule for their shoota's where if there are at least 10 models shooting they ignore to hit penalties.

Call it the "Wall of Lead" rule. You can't hide from a wall of lead.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Suggestion, as opposed to fixing just orks why not adopt something like the following

Aimed Fire
Any unit may elect to halve the numbers of shots fired by each individual weapon type, rounding fractions down, in return they gain a +1 modifier to hit, all models must be able to fire and count as having fired.

This representing firing less rounds but taking a bit more time to aim.

So a Heavy:1 weapon cannot use this, but two in a squad allows one to fire more accurately as the other gunner assists (perhaps they fire a ranging shot or similar).

Assault:2 weapons become Assault:1 with a +1 to hit
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