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We all know that all factions are not created equal in terms of power level. But did you also know that all factions are also not created equal in terms of cost? Check out Vygngynce's economic guide to Warmahordes


"It was because my internal calculator had kicked on, and I had been subconsciously telling myself that I could probably buy better lists for less money. I already owned almost all the models I needed for solid Power of Dhunia and Band of Heroes lists. I found myself making the cost benefit analysis for picking up the new Northkin theme and turning it down for what I already had, already was comfortable with."

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Regular Dakkanaut

The followup article by Vyngynce is published: An economic guide to warcasters and warlocks midwestwargaming.com/economic-guide-warcasters-warlocks/
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Counterpoint: Northkin lets you play with ambushing attack bears.
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