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Shas'o Commanding the Hunter Kadre

Olympia, WA

News will be posted here!

However the better location for news on this is found on our website. Over the coming short period of time we will be converting the website over to a new and more usable format but much of the information has been updated, as of today, for you to tour the site.


The Website has an introduction where the time and location as well as prices will be posted. As always, those who register early get a bit of a price break. Registering early also ensures you are able to represent the armed entourage you had your heart set upon representing.

Feel free to taker a look at the tournament rules, the Missions (which you can start immediately practicing) information on prizes, previous Ambassadorial forces and the winners among them through the years. Much of it is there for the viewing.

Enjoy it as we start to prepare the shuttles for your arrival.

Hold out bait to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and then crush him.
-Sun Tzu, the Art of War

6th Elvensword Ambassadorial GT Registration: http://40kambassadors.com/register.php 
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Fresh-Faced New User

Spellcrow is wargaming miniatures, bits (40k compatible), terrain,scenery and accesories company based in Poland. You may find our products both online at http://www.spellcrow.com/, ebay and other physical and online stores acorss the world.

We will gladly sponsor any tournament with free prizes for all participants and winners.
Just mail us at: spellcrow@umbraturris.com using hashtag #TournamentSponsorhip and tell us a bit about your tournament.

We are looking forward to supporting you!
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