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Master Engineer with a Brace of Pistols

I’ve played this list before as Barak Mhornar to great success, but I’m wondering how it might flair as Urbaz:

Arkanauht Admiral with Gattlessons Endless Repeater


10 Arkanauht Fighters with spypike, volley gun and skyhook.

10 Arkanauht Fighters with spypike, volley gun and skyhook.

10 Arkanauht Fighters with spypike, volley gun and skyhook.

3 Endrinriggers

3 Endrinriggers

3 Endrinriggers

Iron clad with great sky cannon and The Last Word

Frigate with heavy sky cannon

Frigate with heavy sky cannon

I’m allowed one more artefact as per the amendment but I’m not sure what to take. What footnote should I take as well?

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

The earburster is an amazing relic for a khemist.

Also, I'd suggest consolidating your riggers into one unit to maximize your khemist buffs and the amount of damage you do in one activation.
Made in us
Pestilent Plague Marine with Blight Grenade


Do most people usually take Sky Cannons instead of Volley guns on the ships? I feel have only one shot is a giant draw back.

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Prospector with Steamdrill


yeah i always take the cannon

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