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Made in nl
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi fellow Dakka's,

i just recently played a friendly tournament at my game store.

It was a doubles tournament were me and my partner both play 1000 pts vs 2 other opponents in teams.

I played khorne and my partner played seraphon/stormcast.

We won the game but for some reasons i will not exhaust you with we need to have a rematch.

The players im up against are known to put down very big cheesy lists, i really want to win this match because reasons so i need some tips to go full cheese on them back.

They playing nurgle/nurgle and used the FW exalted greater deamon of nurgle in their last game which nuked my skarbrand from 14 - 0 before i could even start my turn.

for the next game i thought about using

- aspiring deathbringer
- 20 reavers
- 20 reavers
- 20 reavers
- bloodsecrator
-chaos warshrine for maximum attacks.

now i know that they are very likely to bring the greater exalted again, a bloab rotspawned, a glottkin and probably between 10 and 20 blightkings.

for the other player i was thinking bout

- slann starmaster
- bastiladon (with ranged attack)
- 3 ripperdactyls
- lord aquilor
- 3 palladors / 3 raptors longstrike bow

im kinda worried that with their big monster they might nuke down my blobs of reavers before i can even dish out their crazy amount of attacks and lose all my army without doing much to them.

as for the seraphon/stormcast i dont know if i should go for the raptors / palladors or just drop those for more seraphon like guards of more ranged.

i would like your thoughts on this or if you got a whole other list idea i also want to hear it.
i also sparred with an lord of khorne on juggernaught + 2 x 3 mighty skullcrushers list idea.

Thx guys!
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