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Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Mckinleyville, CA

I have lots of ork boyz with big shootas and I'd like to use them as a 10-30 strong mob with normal boyz rules except all models in this unit must have a big shoota with the exception of the nob. The big shoota boyz would cost twice as much as regular boyz and the only upgrade is to be able to swap out 1 big shoota for a rokkit launcha for every 10 boyz at no cost.

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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

I like it, but as troops? Orky-Tau much? (I might be over-rating the spammability of 12pt boyz here)

Possible side/downgrade option for cheaper lootaz/less-flashy gitz?

On a side note I would kind of love to see a unit of boyz all armed with big choppas (minus any shooting weapons at all) at about 8-10ppm (most likely would be massively OP in practice).
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Mckinleyville, CA

Yes either troops or Elites. I don't want them to be too overpowered or unfair in any way for their price. I figured them being double the cost of regular boyz was enough tax to pay for them being fieldable. They only have t-shirts after all...

As for a boyz mob with big choppas that might be a fun idea if they had a high enough points cost. I wish I could take the option of having boyz mobs with just choppas and no sluggas.
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Upon reflection, 12pts per boy for a squad of 10 dakka-centric boy (you are only probably ever going to take a minimum of 10) does seem fair - given that the averages for their shooting are no so very much better than bolters. I could even see it edging down a little towards 11 or 10 if they were a dedicated unit that had to be taken in place of one of the more sporty types of ork shooting.

So, in summary, yes to giving the boyz a variety of different gunz to play with! Hurra!
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Mckinleyville, CA

Considering that noise marines are a mere 15 a pop and how good they are I figured 12 for a mere boy with a tshit & bs 5+ is more than enough. I agree with reducing them to 10 or 11 but I'm willing to pay 12 as a tax since they aren't an official codex entry anyways
Made in de
Waaagh! Ork Warboss

I just field them as lootas.
Made in se
Screamin' Stormboy


I like it.
Imagine if we had all weapons options for boyz and nobs squads...
There would be no need for all the special units like burnas, lootas and tank bustas. Would it ruin balance? Or would it only give us all the options we ever wanted? Skorcha-boyz, half rokkit half power klaw units, lootas and shoota boyz mixed...
Imagine the possibilities. Full fredoom as a player and modeller...

Maybe limit it to one advanced weapon per model for boyz. Two selections per nobz.

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Brutal, but kunning!  
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Of all the armies out there that could basically be given a small number of units, with a huge range of weapon options then just left to it the Orks fit the best.

Especially if the weapon options get a clan specific theme added, Bad Moonz getting more, Deff Skulls getting other peoples etc
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Mckinleyville, CA

GW did lead towards that direction with no longer taking specific mobs of shootas and being able to mix them with slugs and vice versa. Big shootas are special weapons so having mobs of their own like Lootas make sense to me as a unit choice to seperate them from normal boyz with some of their own special rules to give them flavor
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

12pts for a big shoota boy is massively over priced and useless. If you take 10 you get 10 S5 shots hitting a turn for the low low price of 120pts. For 114pts a SM player can take a Razorback with Twin Asscans.which dishes out 8 S6 -1AP hits a turn, has the same amount of wounds and has a 3+ save or for 105pts a SM player can take a Dev squad with 4 Heavy bolters which hit 8 times with -1AP at S5. Those 5 Marines are 3+ saves and put out better dakka. 8 S5 -1 AP shots kill 3ish Marines on average while the Big Shoota squad kills less then 3 (closer to 2). And if they get shot at? well which do you think will get destroyed first or fail a morale test?

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That ties into a thread I created for Ork weapons. The general consensus was 2-3pts for a Big Shoota. which would make that 10 Boy squad of Big shootas cost 80-90

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If at first you don't succeed then Sky Diving isn't for you. 
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Mckinleyville, CA

Thanks Semper! That definately puts things into perspective. I've never played any other races to know their points cost minus the time I played Tau back in 4th edition.

As for big shootas themselves would you take a decrease in range for higher strength and/or -1 AP?
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