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Made in gb

Zvezda have just released their catalogue for 2018. Sadly on the 15mm front things look pretty thin for the next year. No new releases for Cold War, whilst for WW2 there are 2 new releases due, both Russian.

One is the T-44 which was an obscure tank which never saw combat (not so useful) the other however is the SU-76 which as far as I'm aware hasn't been available in plastic in 15mm before and was a very common vehicle.

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Well, not terribly surprising. I think the games have not done as well as Zvezda expected, so they have largely dropped any work on them for the future.

They used to be a major not necessarily for gaming manufacturer of 1/72 large figure sets, and I think it’s been at least 5 years or so since they did their last sets of those, the WW2 German and Russian ‘platoons’. It’s a shame, as other than being too tall and neatly dressed, they made some of the best figures going. But they stopped making sets for game pieces and now it looks like the games have been dropped, too.

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Made in ru
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Strange, but they use 1/72 infantry and 1/100 vehicles in same wargames. The infantry has too similar poses to use in dioramas. But tanks are good for using in 15mm wargames. Except for too thin and fragile guns, the quality is normal.

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It's been a dry year with BF bungling the V4 release.

Tempted to use T-44s as proxy 76mm Shermans for a what if... army.

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I've been hoping TY would have revived their 1/100 cold war stuff. I bought a pile of Shilkas and Gvozdikas for my East Germans and found the kits quite good.
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