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Made in dk
Freaky Flayed One

Hey guys, I've been working on some fun rules for the factions that are currently missing a codex. I finished up writing the Necrons and added fluff to them and finished writing the rules for the T’au Empire, I'm more or less done with the Drukhari as well, I am not planning on making fluff for other factions than the Necrons. I haven't played much with or against Drukhari this edition, I played a tiny amount of Tau and a good chunk of Necrons. I'm looking for some constructive criticism and I suppose it would be fun if anyone would want to try out any of the things I made.

Eight Necron Dynasties, 20 generic Stratagems, 8 Dynasty Stratagems, 5 generic Relics, 8 Dynasty Relics, 6 generic Warlord Traits, 8 Dynasty Warlord Traits.

Six T´au Septs, 20 generic Stratagems, 6 Sept Stratagems, 5 generic Relics, 6 Sept Relics, 6 generic Warlord Traits, 6 Sept Warlord Traits.

Six Ork Klans, 20 generic Stratagems, 6 Klan Stratagems, 5 generic Relics, 6 Klan Relics, 6 generic Warlord Traits, 6 Klan Warlord Traits.

Six Imperial Knight Houses, 20 generic Stratagems, 6 House Stratagems, 5 generic Relics, 6 House Relics, 6 generic Warlord Traits, 6 House Warlord Traits.

I tried to make things tournament grade, which is dangerous because I'm risking putting things over tournament grade into super BS, but making rules that won't actually make the factions you're writing good isn't really much fun.

Link: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/The_Angrier_Initiative

Example Necron Dynasty: NIHILAKH

Resurrection Hub: Add +1 to Reanimation Protocol rolls for units with this protocol while they are entirely within your deployment zone. A unit cannot both be affected by this protocol and the Technomancer ability. Units with this protocol regain 1 additional wound with the Living Metal ability than they otherwise would.

Note that this ability affects all Necron models in the same way that Craftworld and Astra Militarum do rather than benefitting a select group of units like Marines do.

1 CP: Use this Stratagem when an enemy vehicle is destroyed. All friendly NIHILAKH models with the Living Metal ability within 3" regain a single wound lost earlier in the battle, or D3 if the destroyed model was TITANIC.

Another Piece for the Collection: Your Warlord has the Objective Secured ability. Models with the Objective Secured ability control objectives even if they have fewer models than your opponent within 3” of the objective unless at least one of those enemy models also has the Objective Secured ability.

NIHILAKH model only. Once per game the bearer can use the Tesseract Labyrinth instead of attacking normally to make a single attack. If the attack hits roll a D6, if the total is above the remaining number of wounds of the model in the unit with the least remaining wounds, that model is removed from play. The owner of the target unit chooses which model to remove if multiple models are eligible.

Example T´au Sept: FAL'SHIA

Problem Solvers: FAL'SHIA SEPT models benefitting from this tactic can fire Overwatch at full ballistic skill unless they are a target of the charge. FAL'SHIA SEPT models benefitting from this tactic may shoot in the same turn they Fall Back.

Note that this does not benefit Kroot, Vespid, Drones and Characters, but it does affect vehicles.

2 CP: Use this Stratagem when a FAL'SHIA VEHICLE would explode. It does not explode and all embarked models automatically survive and disembark before the vehicle is destroyed.

FAL'SHIA XV104 RIPTIDE only. Always use the uppermost profile for the purpose of Shooting with the bearer.

Predator of the Skies: Your Warlord may re-roll failed Hit rolls against units that can FLY.

Example Ork Klan: BLOOD AXES

Models with this klan attribute do not subtract from their movement when charging through any kind of terrain and enemies do not get a bonus to their save for being in cover when being shot at by models with this attribute. In addition, add an additional +1 to the Sv characteristic of '''BLOOD AXES''' models with this attribute for being in cover.

3 CP: Use this Stratagem at the start of your turn by choosing a BLOOD AXE unit in cover which does not contain any models with a wounds characteristic above 7. That unit can re-roll Hit rolls and Wound rolls in the Fight phase this turn.

DA BOSS GOTS A PLAN!: Whilst your Warlord is alive, roll a dice each time you spend a Command Point to use a Stratagem; on a 5+ that CP is immediately refunded.

BLOOD AXE model with shoota only. Replace the model's shoota with Deff Needla.

(Deff Needla is a shoota with S *)

The bearer may target enemy CHARACTERS even if they are not the closest enemy unit. This weapon wounds on a 4+, unless the target is a VEHICLE, in which case it wounds on a 6+.

Example Imperial Knight House: HOUSE RAVEN

Dominance of Raven: HOUSE RAVEN units with this edict add 1 to any armour saving throws they make while within 6" of another HOUSE RAVEN unit with this edict.

1 CP: Use this Stratagem after declaring a Charge against a unit in your Deployment zone with a HOUSE RAVEN, the Charge is automatically succesful with the lowest required roll to succesfully Charge. This Stratagem cannot be used if you Charged more than one unit.

Dominating Presence: Subtract 1 from the Leadership characteristic of enemy units that are within 6" of your Warlord

HOUSE RAVEN model with rapid fire battle cannon only. Replace the model's rapid fire battle cannon with Vault Breaker. When shooting in the Shooting phase if the target did not move in its previous Movement phase and the firing model did not move in the the Movement phase then change the Damage characteristic to D6.

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Made in us
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!

A Place

Why don't Tau characters benefit from Sept tactics? There doesn't seem to be any reason for it, it is just random.

Warlord traits seem mostly fine but Vior'La's is not very good and kinda random, might work if you switched it with the far sight enclave's, still not good but at least it makes sense for farsight.

Also Vior'La's tactic are extremely potent especially given that it could be combine with the command and control node to make giant blobs of 2+ to hit units. Though other then Tash'Var the rest are really bad, doubly so for the far sight enclave, which is not only bad but also gives you a substantial penalty for just about zero gain.

Stratagems seem okay for the most part, Nicassar Wards might be a bit too powerful though. Stopping any power on a 3+ for 2CP seems too good, maybe if the caster had to be with in 12in of a friendly Tau unit?

Also, no iridium armour relic ? Failsafe Detonator has a typo, "If a model with a failsafe detonator you may choose..." seems to be missing a verb.

Lastly the Fusion Blades are utter garbage, they stop working at the end of the first assault phase you roll a six for damage!?! That means given that they roll two d6 and take the highest for damage they will probably stop working the first or second assault phase you use them in, what is even the point of taking them?
Made in dk
Freaky Flayed One

The reason Tau characters don't benefit from Sept tactics is to make tau armies a team effort, Tau Commanders have been carrying their faction since the release of 8th. I suppose it might be hating a little too much on Commanders, but I don't really want to make Commander spam better.

I think Aun'Shi benefits a good deal from the trait. Farsight Enclaves don't have Ethereals I think it's fitting they have the Morale trait. Aun´Shi is the only one that is forced to take the trait.

Tau aren't doing very well in this edition, with the exception of lists which don't benefit from this Sept Tactic. Vior´la mostly buffs units which are bad currently.

If you're running Ethereals in your Farsight Enclaves lists you're not being very fluffy, not having access to Ethereals is not really a huge loss. Being able to hold up enemy vehicles or other non-melee units and still shoot every turn is worthwhile I think. Needing a 6" charge after deep strike is also a big deal IMO. Being able to hop 8+3+D6" with your flamers each turn is also nice. Maybe not +1 To Hit nice though. I think there is value in this trait, especially against something like an AM motorpit.

Black Templars spend 1 to negate a power on a 4+ if the caster is within 24" of a Black Templars unit. I think the decreased effeciency per CP spent is enough to warrant it not needing to be cast on a nearby Tau unit. It also wouldn't make much sense as Nicassar would be far off the battlefield or in space I imagine.

Which one would you replace with iridium armour? Warscaper drone that I stole from Farsight Enclaves?

The point of fusion blades is dealing 8 wounds to a tank in the first assault phase? Imagine dropping down on turn 1, dropping a tank at range and then you have a good chance of dropping another tank in melee. Commanders have 4 attacks at WS 3+, the weapon doesn't give any negative Hit modifier and costs only a relic, In addition, the model usually doesn't have melee weapon.

Onager Gauntlet does far less damage per round, but can be used every turn for the entire game, but what is the chance that you're going to be fighting for 3 rounds of combat with your Commander?

Thanks for commenting. If you have any specific ideas on things you'd like to see changed please say so.
Made in us
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!

A Place

I don't think that commanders actually get much benefit from any of the Sept tactics except Fal'Shia, but that is only going to do any thing when they are supporting other units. So banning all characters is way to much of a penalty just to stop commanders from getting a tiny power boost. By restricting all character you do nerf commanders a little bit, but you also nerf fighersight marksmen, cadre fire blades, ethereals, far sight and shadowsun.

Given that FE is supposed to be a suit base army they don't really get much benefit from auto passing moral tests as three suit units can never lose any body to moral, it would help large fire warrior squads so should be linked to a Sept known for large amounts of fire warriors. Also there was a point, at and directly before the battle of Arthoc'Moloc(sp?) where they did have ethereals with them, so it would be nice if they could take ethereals so you could have those battles as well.

Fair enough on the Black Templar comparison.

I would replace the miniature rocket production facility with iridium armour. Most of the relics are for offense so having at least one for defense would be good I think, I don't see the rocket facility as being that useful mostly because seeker missiles are not that great, it also doesn't make a lot of sense fluff wise I think to be on a commander. Maybe if you could put it on a sky ray. So if you have to replace one I would replace that one.

The Fusion Blades are powerful so they should have some down side, but only getting one or two uses out of them is a bit steep. You could just use the rules they had for last edition, at the end of any assault phase in which the fusion Blades are used roll a d6 on a 6+ the Fusion blades may not be used for the rest of the game or if you really want to keep the higher chance of failure just make it so it is not permanent, so instead of disabling them for the rest of the game, just for the next assault phase or the next battle round.

Last edition I would have my Fusion Blade commander (Shas'O Melts Face) in combat all the time, like 5-6 rounds of combat, against all sorts of things. Fusion Blades were my favorite relic from last edition which is probably why I noticed them not being good over the gauntlet.

Maybe make the gauntlet damage 2d6? Would make it more comparable to the Fusion Blades, but without any kind of failure chance.
Made in us
Horrific Hive Tyrant

Hate to be a negative nancy but this seems like a LOT of work that will be outdated in a few months time.

These are my opinions. This is how I feel. Others may feel differently. This needs to be stated for some reason.
My P&M Blog - Building My Nid Army - Kitbashes and Magnetization

Made in dk
Freaky Flayed One

I changed it so Characters also benefit from the Tau chapter tactics.

I moved the Fearless bubble to the general Warlord Traits and gave Farsight Enclave Warlords re-roll Hit rolls of 1 within 12" of enemies.

There is no room to make the fusion blades better, they can be changed but not improved. Now that Commanders benefit from chapter tactics you have an extremely good chance of charging turn 1 with your fusion blade commander.

There is no math involved. it doesn't take long to write these things. Half of these things are just copy pasted from other factions.
Made in us
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!

A Place

Nice, that warlord trait really suits the FE.

Your probably right on the Fusion Blades, a FE commander with those could really put some hurt on something, even if it is only once, at least they can still use them as guns after they burn out, so I guess that's fair.
Made in dk
Freaky Flayed One

I buffed D'YANOI a tiny bit by making them immune to morale in the Psychic phase and gave a huge buff to FAL'SHIA allowing them to regenerate a missing wound at the start of each of your turns.

I also finished up making the Orks.
Made in dk
Freaky Flayed One

Finished up making Imperial Knights.
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