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Made in gr
Regular Dakkanaut



266 Bjorn (twin lascannon, heavy flamer) (warlord, tenacious survivor)

153 Njal in termie armour


194 5xGrey Hunters (1xplasma) + Razorback (twin assault cannon, storm bolter, hunter killer missile)

194 5xGrey Hunters (1xplasma) + Razorback (twin assault cannon, storm bolter, hunter killer missile)

78 5xGrey hunters (1xplasma)


239 5xwulfen (4xTH/SS, 1xleader twin claws)

244 8xJump Packed Wolf Guard (4xShields/Storm Bolters, 2xPower Fist/Storm bolters, 1xThunder hammer/storm bolter, 1xleader Thunder hammer/storm bolter)


279 1xStormwolf (2xTwin heavy bolters, twin las, twin helfrost)


170 5xLF (4xlascannons)

170 5xLF (4xlascannons)

Long Fangs hug ruins and provide long range fire support. Razorbacks and flyer go with bjorn for rerolls of 1. Wulfen drop via stratagem and jumpackers via "deep strike" trying to get reroll to charge from wulfen. I chose jumppacks cause they can charge flyers and get to top floors of ruins while bikers cant.


Made in us
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Looks, fun, but the stormwolf is very expensive, and since it’s not being used as a transport, I’m not convinced it’s worth the points. You get more heavy fire from the long fangs for sure. I’d be tempted to remove the flyer and a single storm shield from the jump pack Squad, freeing up 284 points. Then I’d take a squad of bikes (5 with storm shields storm bolsters is 205) to roll with bjorn. I’d use the remaining 79 points To fill out the long fang packs with a fifth lascanon each. That would put you back to 1999.

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Dakka bike squad rules with bjorn... they just rule anyhow...

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Made in gr
Regular Dakkanaut

Yea i wasnt sure about the stormwolf either...i ll tweek the list following your advice buti dont want to cut a storm shield cause its pretty vital for the jump pack squad. Ill loose the storm wolf, two hunter killer missiles (they would be hitting on fours anyway due to movement) and a storm bolter from a razorback and that gets me to 293 points . ill use the 78 for 2 extra lascannons on the long fangs and the 215 for 5 bikers (5 shields, 4 stormbolters, 1xpowerfist on sergesnt cause 3 attacks really go to waste without a hammer or fist )

Thnx for input

Made in us
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

I didn’t even think about that. Yeah removing the Hk missiles is easier. Another tempting option would be to swap the wolf guard jump pack out entirely for another wooden hammer pack! Regardless, this list looks competitive.
Made in gb
Ferocious Blood Claw

South Wales

I'd drop the flyer for another razorback, drop a plasma or two on the hunters and throw in a Murderfang.

But overall I'd say your list is solid. Just protect those long fangs!
Made in it
Drifting Cronos Hungry for Souls


I prefer terminators over WG with jump packs but those are also very solid. I agree about the stormwolf that doesn't worth it if empty.

IMHO you have too many lascannons, maybe you could cut a unit of long fangs and spare the hunter killer missiles points to include a second unit of wulfen to ride in the flyer. Or maybe some wolf guards with storm bolters and a third razorback. But if your meta is overwhelmed by armored models the lascannon spam is certainly good.

Overall your list is already quite solid without modifying anything though.

Orks 9500
Space Wolves 6500
Drukhari 4500 
Made in us
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Lascanons are useule almost always... it never hurts. If meta does not require so many, I’d just swap a whole squad to plasma canons...
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