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Dakka Veteran

After falling for Mulch I really want more Snails in my nurgle army. After seeing that isn't the direction going forward with the beasts I went looking into alternatives. Found these guys...


They seem promising. Anyone pick these up before? Maybe someone has some scale shots?
Made in es
Dark Angels Librarian with Book of Secrets

Vigo. Spain.

They cost 1/3 of the actual price of each GW beast so... they seem pretty.
Sorry I have no comparasion pics nor have I bought them.

 Crimson Devil wrote:

Dakka does have White Knights and is also rather infamous for it's Black Knights. A new edition brings out the passionate and not all of them are good at expressing themselves in written form. There have been plenty of hysterical responses from both sides so far. So we descend into pointless bickering with neither side listening to each other. So posting here becomes more masturbation than conversation.

ERJAK wrote:
Forcing a 40k player to keep playing 7th is basically a hate crime.

Made in gb
Angered Reaver Arena Champion

Connah's Quay, North Wales

I've got those snails, also using them as my Beasts of Nurgle.

I use them (and still do, screw AoS) in my WHFB army as Beasts of Nurgle and size wise they are definately big enough for the needs. They are so big that they barely fit onto 40x40 square bases and lord knows they don't rank up very well. But they are very nice, high-quality models. Recommended.

I'm running a Daemon at the bottom of the Garden list using Snails, Blight flies, an Aracnarock as my Daemon engine and this lady as my Great Unclean One

Possibly NSFW?

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Made in gb
Huge Hierodule

Bristol, England

Scibor do a few small ones and an awesome Chaos Snail.

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Everyone: No.
Oli: But it fits through the doors, Look! 
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