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2000 points - Matched play Death guard vs. Blood angels - (long) mission blog & pictures *New End!*  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in fi
Road-Raging Blood Angel Biker

Battle report of 2000 points matched play

Mission: Dominate & Destroy

Deployment: Dawn of War


Blood Angels

Captain with wings, thunder hammer, inferno pistol and death visions of the sanguinius (stratagem)
Warlord: Librarian dreadnought, storm bolter, powers: wings of sanguinius, quickening, Artisan of war (relic)

5x scouts, bolters
5x scouts, snipers, camo cloaks
5x tacticals, plasma, combi-plasma

Razorback, twin assault cannon
Razorback, twin lascannon


Mephiston, powers: wings of sanguinius, shield of sanguinius, unleash rage

12x death company, jump packs, 2x power fist, 2x power sword, 1x power axe, 7x chainsword, 12x boltgun
7x sanguinary guard, 5x sword & angelus boltgun, 2x power fist & inferno pistol
Sanguinary ancient, sword & angelus boltgun, Banner of sacrifice (relic)



5x devastators, 1x lascannon, 1x plasma cannon
5x devastators, 1x lascannon, 1x plasma cannon
5x devastators, 1x heavy bolter, 1x missile launcher

Death Guard


Typhus, powers: blades of putrefaction, putrescent vitality
Malignant plaguecaster, powers: blades of putrefaction, putrescent vitality

7x plague marines, 4x boltgun, 3x plasma gun
7x plague marines, 4x boltgun, 3x plasma gun
7x plague marines, 3x dual knife, flail of corruption, bubotic axe & knife, bubotic axe & mace of contagnion, power fist & plaguesword
17x poxwalkers
20x cultists, 18x autogun, 2x heavy stubber

Chaos rhino, storm bolter


Warlord: Daemon prince of nurgle, wings, daemonic axe, suppurating plate (relic), power: miasma of pestilence

Biologus putrifier, plaguebringer (relic)
Foul blightspawn


Chaos lord, plasma pistol, balesword, Fugaris' helm (relic)

3x foetid bloat-drone, 2x plaguespitters, plague probe

The Game

DG starts deploying and finishes first. BA player fails to seize. BA player uses the Furlon's fury strategem to move it's DC squad.

There's six objectives: 1 in the ruins on the second building in the top left corner. One in front of the cultists. One in the ruins on the hill. On the BA side there's one in front of Mephy, one with the sniper scouts in the left bottom corner ruins and last is between the two cathedral ruin pieces. (Objectives are on a 32mm base and a DG die)

Pic: After deployment.

Turn 1: Death Guard

DG player uses the dead walk again strategem on the poxwalkers. Poxwalkers, cultists, two of the bloat-drones and Typhus move & advance towards the objective on the hill along with the closing DC blob.

Chaos rhino stocked with melee PM and the elite section of the DG army move and advances within 3" of the midfield objective and puffs smoke. Daemon prince moves along with the bloat-drones. PM squad on the right flank aligns for a better shot.

Pic: After DG movement.

In the psychic phase, Typhus tries to manifest smite and putrescent vitality failing both. Daemon prince kills 3 death company and those three rise as poxwalkers. The poxwalker blob is now 20 man strong. All other psychic powers fail.

In the shooting phase foetid bloat-drone in range of the scouts in the building shoots it's plaguespitters with two hits, killing three scouts {7 auto hits, 5 wounds, 4+ save (cover negates the -ap)} On the right flank one of the PM squads are in range of the twin assault cannon razorback and they super charge their plasma causing 2 wounds on the razor.

Pic: DG shots create three more poxwalkers upfront.

In the charge phase there's not much to do after cultists and poxwalkers have already advanced, they would have been like 3" away from the DC.

DG SCORES 3 VP for three objectives.

Turn 1: Blood Angels

Mephiston moves within 7" of the bloat-drone. Astorath jumps behind the DC and DC move around the poxwalker blob. Other BA units remain stationary.

Pic: After BA move.

Pic: Mephy looking at the closing bloat-drone.

In the psychic, Mephiston manifests the wings of sanguinius and has to use a re-roll stratagem to pull it off. DP tries to deny the witch, but fails. Mephiston smites 3 damage, but DR saves 2 of them. 7 wounds left on the DP.

In the shooting phase:
9x rapid fire boltguns shoot at the poxwalkers (T5 from Typhus aura): 2 poxwalkers dead.
5x sniper rifles shoot at the chaos lord: Nothing.
6x angelus boltguns rapid fire at the prince: 10 hits, 3 wounds, 1 unsaved and failed DR. 1 wound of from the DP, so 6 left on the DP.
Mephiston shoots its plasma pistol at the bloat-drone: No wound.
3x boltgun and 1x heavy bolter shoot at the chaos rhino: 1 wound.
Missile launcher with enhanced BS shoots at the bloat-drone: To wound roll is 1...
Storm bolter from the librarian dreadnought shoots at the bloat-drone: Nothing.
Twin assault cannon and twin lascannon from the razorbacks shoot at the bloat-drone in front: 2 wounds through.
2x plasma supercharged and enchanced BS from the signum, 2x lascannons (and boltguns) from the two devastator squads shoot at the same bloat-drone: plasma gets 2x success DR's, but lascannons get 4x wounds through. Bloat-drone is at 4 wounds.

In the Charge phase DC and Astorath engage the poxwalkers. Mephy, SG with descent of the angels stratagem and SG ancient pull of charges on the poxwalkers only the captain failing it's own. Descent of the Angels got total of 9" charge, so made the day. Only 1 CP left on the BA force.

Chargers hitting:
DC has 6x fist attacks (kills 4), 6x power sword attacks (kills 3), 3x power axe, 16x chainsword attacks (kills 3). Unit is within Astorath's re-roll to hit aura. Poxwalkers are T5 due to Typhus aura. Astorath has 4 WS2 6S AP -3 D d3/3 on 6+ to wound attacks, all wounds go through, but one poxwalker manages to save all three. TOTAL 15 dead poxwalkers, 2 from shooting 13 from melee.
Mephy has 4 WS2 S10 AP -3 D d3 attacks. Mephy gets one mortal wound from the suppurating plate, but negates it with it's on "DR". Only one damage goes through the DP's DR. 5 wounds remaining on the DP.
SG ancient and SG have 13 S4 AP-3 D d3 attacks and 4x S8 AP-3 D d3. Fists scrapes a wound, SG swords do 4 damage and take 1 mortal wound from the plate. The Nurgle Warlord has been slain. It's first blood and slay the warlord.

Now DG retaliates:
10 poxwalker attacks, now buffed for S4. A single 6+ FnP is needed to shrug of the attack.

BA SCORES 5 VP for three holding the objectives, 1 for first blood and 1 for slay the warlord.

Pic: This piece of the board is getting crowded and look, no daemon prince!

Pic: Overview of T1 end.

Turn 2: Death Guard

Nurgle's gift kills one DC, causing the last turn's dead walk again stratagem trigger one last time.

Foetid bloat-drone on the right flank tries a heroic one last charge, but stops ~9"+ of the sniper scouts.. Chaos lord and the plaguecaster withdraws within PM squads. Midfield drone gets within 3" of the objective and is ready to toast some imperial devastator scum. Chaos rhino stays stationary and waits the battle to progress.

Cultists on the left flank spread out between the two objectives and succumb the Typhus and poxwalkers inside. Last drone jumps in front of the DC.

Pic: DG movement done.

In the psychic phase the malignant plaguecaster tries to manifest putrescent vitality on the bloat-drone and getting it with 11. Then he smites the captain with a six. Mephiston tries to deny, but gets only 5+1. Single mortal wound on the captain.

Typhus smites the DC killing two and fails the putrescent vitality.

Time to shoot:
7x boltgun shots take out 3 wounds from the captain, 3x failed 3+ saves with failed 5+ fnp, that's how you shoot!. 4x plasma shots finish off the "DC" captain.
3x super-charged plasma shots, 4x boltgun shots at the razorback scoring 4 wounds through. Razor at 4 wounds now.
4x storm bolter shots at the devastator in the middle killing two boltgun ablatives.
8x plaguespitter auto-hits at the devastators finish the squad off.
6x plaguespitter auto-hits at the scout squad in the building on the left flank leaves only 1 scout alive.
18x autogun shots at the DC and 6x heavy stubber shots at the DC kill two more.
Typhus shots it's 5 destroyer hive shots at the DC missing all.

That was nasty shooting from the death guard.

Pic: After DG shooting.

Only fighting is done on the left flank where Typhus and the poxwalkers engage the DC and bloat-drone the lone scout.

Typhus kills two DC. Poxwalkers do nothing. Bloat-drone drone kills the single scout. Two remaining power fist DC retaliate and a single fist hit manages to get through all the invulnerable and DR saves making three damage.

DG SCORES 5 VP for the 5/6 objectives, that's dominating the table. Kill points will be counted after the game. That's TOTAL of 8 VP (+3 killed units so far.)

Turn 2: Blood Angels

SG and SG ancient engage the midfield drone, Librarian dreadnought leaves the cover and moves & flies next to the chaos rhino. Mephy aligns for better angle for killing stuff.

Pic: SG are closing on the bloat-drone.

Psychic phase is a success for BA. Smite kills two cultists and Mephy unleashes rage on the SG unit. Librarian dread flies and does the quickening with +3 attacks. Now, if I could just go back in time, I should have moved the SG close to the rhino as well.

Pic: Well, hello there! It's me mr. flying dreadnought with this pointy 4 damage halberd with 6 attacks.

Time to shoot:
Storm bolter scratches some paint on the rhino.
SG with two inferno pistols in melta range score 5 wounds of the bloat-drone. Angelus boltguns manage to do 3 more so it's only 2 left on the bloat-drone before the charge.
Mephy kills one cultist with his plasma pistol.
Twin assault cannon manages to get 9 hits with BS4, killing one plague marine from the building on the far right flank. Snipers kill two more from the same squad. Twin lascannon does three damage to (T8) drone, which has only 1 wound left. T8 is a tough nut to crack even with a plasma cannon, but lascannon from a devastator squad takes the last wound off, hitting in a vital point and causes an explosion, but luckily no BA models within 7".
Last devastator squad shoot at the PM in the building with the chaos lord killing two PM more. So total of 5 dead PM from the same squad, within chaos lord, but morale gets 1 more (roll of 4). Only the champion left on this squad.

Pic: Before shooting there used to be a 7man plague marine squad with the chaos lord.

Now for the charges..

All charges as successful: Astorath, SG, SG ancient and the librarian dread. Overwatch from the weakened bloat-drone scores 9 hits, but only S4 and the presence of the banner of sacrifice get only one damage, resulting in a casualty (DP suppurating plate damage). Cultists fail to scratch T5 Mephy.

Into the combat:
Librarian dreadnought has WS2 S10 AP-4 D4 (artisan of war) and 6 attacks which wound on 2 make 16 unsaved wounds. What a waste. Rhino explodes on a roll of 6! Causing only 1 damage even with a re-roll stratagem. 7 wounds left on the BA warlord. Explosion kills also a plague marine model.
Mephy kills three cultists.
SG fists fail to get wounds through T7 Inv 5+ DR 5+. Ancient and SG get 4 damage through after those disgusting saves.. No explosion, not even with a re-roll. Should have used the stratagem..
Astorath kills Typhus with two wound rolls of 6 and failed Invul. & DR. DC swing their fists at the poxwalkers and this time Astorath's re-roll to hit aura comes into play killing 5 poxwalkers, last poxwalkers successfully DR's the killing blow.
Cultists consolidate towards Mephy and within coherency.

BA SCORES 2VP for objectives. Totaling at 7VP so far (+5 from kill points coming after the game)

Pic: End of T2. No more Typhus or bloat-drone.

PIc: Overview of T2 from the DG side of the board.

Turn 3: Death Guard

In the movement phase cultists dispatch from the combat with the Mephiston and align in a better angle to cover two objectives. Last bloat-drone goes towards the DC to get a kill point. Chaos lord and the lone champion make their run for the other ruin to hold the objective with stronger numbers. Plaguecaster moves within 18" of the melee plague marines facing the Librarian dreadnought. Disembarked elites and the melee plague marines from the chaos rhino move around the objective and the BA warlord. Lone poxwalker runs for cover.

Pic: End of DG movement, chaos lord and champion's heroic run.

In the psychic phase plaguecaster manifests blades of putrefaction on the melee plague marines.

In the shooting phase the bloat-drone toasts the remaining two DC. Tallyman wounds the dreadnought with his plasma pistol. Foul blightspawn scores two unsaved wounds with 4x S5 (after re-roll) shots (3 damage each). Enemy warlord has been slain unexploded.

Bloat-drone doesn't charge Astorath.

DG SCORES 5VP, 4 for objectives and slay the warlord. (+2 for kill points). Grand total is 13VP + 4 for kill points)

Turn 3: Blood Angels

SG ancient stays within 3" of the objective while SG goes to aid Astorath against the bloat-drone. Twin assault cannon razorback move within 24" of the chaos lord. Other units remain stationary.

Pic: End of BA move, SG closing on the bloat-drone and the BA warlord is no more.

Mephy smites three cultists. Burns the last CP doing so. Mephy fails unleash rage.

In the shooting SG shoots the inferno pistols wounding twice at the bloat-drone and the angelus boltguns at the cultists killing another two. Mephy kills one more cultists with it's plasma. Morale roll of 1 kills only one more cultists, seven left.
Sniper scouts go for the chaos lord for just scratches.
Devastator squads nails the lone champion with heavy weaponry.
Razorback shots it's BS5 (mid-bracket and movement) twin assault cannon causing two wounds on the lord.
Second devastator squad finishes the chaos lord from the existence.

SG model gets a single wound from the plaguespitters while assaulting. Astorath and SG engage the cultists and the bloat-drone.

Pic: Charges are successful and power of BA shooting can be seen on the diminished cultists blob.

Mephy kills two cultists. Five left and next turns coherency movement makes the cultists lose atleast one objective.

Astorath's hits end up saved by invulnerability. SG score 4 wounds with fists and encarmine swords score 5 more, it's a dead unexploded bloat-drone.

BA SCORE 2VP, both for objectives. (1 kill point coming from drone) Grand total is 15 points.

Turn 4: Death Guard

Lone Poxwalkers goes for the objective in the building secured by the SG, but over 1" away from the SG models. Cultists get into coherency and dispatch from melee. Melee PM move within cover and hold the midfield objective. Blightspawn move towards the SG ancient.

Pic: End of DG move, foulblight spawn is closing on the ancient.

One supercharged plasma shot is made with the only in range PM which does two damage to a razorback.

No charges.

DG SCORES 4VP from objectives. Totaling 17 (+4 from kill points) Grand total of 21VP so far.

Turn 4: Blood Angels

Limbing razorback reverses outside the plasma range and puffs smoke. SG close in on the cultists and Astorath's job is to finish the poxwalker.

Pic: SG move up for another prey. So far they have killed a DP and two bloat-drones, with a single casualty.

In the shooting angelus boltguns shred the remaining cultists.

All the sniper and heavy weapon shots go for the PM squad in the building. Snipers mortally wound 1 plague marine. Plasma cannons kill two more. Lascannons from devastators and razorback kill three more. Leaving the champion left. Morale roll of 5 wipes the whole squad.

In the charge phase Astorath finishes the lone poxwalker.

BA SCORES 4VP from objectives. (+3 from kill points) Grand total of 13+9 is 22VP so far.

Death Guard has only the malignant plaguecaster, foul blightspawn, biologus putrifier, Tallyman and the 7man melee plague marines left. Odds seem very thin at the moment for the DG player to find ways for victory.

Turn 5: Death Guard

Malignant plaguecaster castles up in the ruins to hold the objective as long as possible. Foul blightspawn moves within torching range of the SG ancient.

Malignant plaguecaster manifests putrescent vitality on himself.

Foul blightspawn does 4 S6 auto hits, wounding with 3, 1 armour save, but two get through. Banner saves 2, but the 4 unsaved wounds is enough to kill the SG ancient.

DG scores 2VP for objectives. (and +1 for kill points.) GT is 24 so far. If the game ends T5, BA will win, they'll score atleast 4 from objectives..

Turn 5: Blood Angels

SG move towards the blightspawn while Astorath and Mephiston remain witih 3" of the objectives.

Pic: Last "mission" for the SG. Will the foul blightspawn endure and kill spray the golden carcasses in the overwatch.

In the psychic phase Mephiston gives the SG unleash rage.

SG shoot at the blightspawn causing only a single wound.

Left flank opens fire on the plaguecaster. Super-charged plasma cannons score 3 wounds. And the lascannons finish him off.

In the overwatch blightspawn's two S4 auto-hits manage to kill one. Fists manage to kill the blightspawn.

BA SCORES 4VP for objectives (+2 for kill points) GT at 28 against 24 of the DG. Game ends for a roll of 2.

So, there you go, hope someone reached the bottom to read this

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Made in us
Grisly Ghost Ark Driver

The Eternity Gate

Thanks for the batrep!

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Made in us
Cultist of Nurgle with Open Sores

Chicago IL

Thank for posting
Made in us
Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

Jacksonville, NC

Great rep bud, few things:
1) Make it easier to read, you can summarize what happens each phase
2) Moar pictures! More close ups and pics of each turn always help draw the reader in

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Made in us
Death-Dealing Devastator

Thanks for the batrep. Kinda nice to see the old school still images with descriptions format. Sometimes I get tired of watching batrep videos where they make you watch all the die rolling.

"The Ultramarines are here to save us!"

"Those are the Sons of Orar."

"O R they!" 
Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Cheers for the report! Quite the recap!
 Zid wrote:
Great rep bud, few things:
1) Make it easier to read, you can summarize what happens each phase
2) Moar pictures! More close ups and pics of each turn always help draw the reader in
I'll second both of these. The level of detail here is intense, but I think you can save yourself some note-taking work by summarizing the phases as suggested. And then more photos will help tell the story and again take some of the work off you needing to write so much

Looking forward to more!

- Salvage

Made in ca
Rookie Pilot


I always enjoy text and picture bat-reps

I like the wintery table too - guessing it belongs to the Nurgle player since the bases are the same colour?

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Made in fi
Road-Raging Blood Angel Biker

Hey, it's so great to get any kind of feedback. I have to admit that I should have cleansed the lens of my cell phone. I will try to improve from here. I've thought the detailed thing might have some interest for people who wants to know how a certain unit performs.

I'll try to adjust and this is what I took from your feedback. I'm throwing short interlude mission with a bit of flavor for you to comment if it feels better? I'll keep the details inside spoilers so people who likes that kind of things can look. But tell me, if that's not something noone needs to know, it will drastically fasten making these reports, for sure

But, here you go..

...After the defeat of Typhus the remains of the Death guard force from the battle have fled the sector. Mephiston set the remaining scout squad to track the fleeing death guard while the rest of the force recons and bolster the gained ground. Scout squad tracks the fleeing remains of Typhus' army into a nearby remains of an old chapel. From a distance the scout sergeant observes the ruins and it's surroundings...

++Comms: Sergeant Kaiko calling for company command..
Comms: This is Mephiston, let me here it.
Comms: They've stopped in some old ruins emiting some green aura. It's hard to see through it, but it looks like there are more Nurgle's undead pets and Tallyman seems to be working around a great white rock of some sort.


Comms: (Mephiston) That's what brought Typhus here. It's a warp stone. We must intervene immediately. Shields of Sanguinius make haste and let not your duty end here.++


Game length: 3 turns.

Blood Angels must kill the Tallyman before turn 3 or Tallyman summons a new prince of Nurgle. Any other outcome is a Death Guard victory.


Blood Angels have the scouts and the sanguinary guard from the earlier battle. Sanguinary guard has only six men alive. Scout squad with snipers and camo cloaks are at full five man strength.
From the earlier clash Death guard has only a 7man plague marine squad left, a biologus putrifier and the Tallyman. Under the catacombs of the chapel 16 poxwalkers have risen.

Set up: Sanguinary guard starts 18" from border of the Death guard force while Scouts are 35" away from the closest poxwalker.

Starting positions can be seen in the following pictures from different points of view.

The game

++Comms: This is sergeant Kaiko, the golden carcasses are within strike range. Permission to open fire?
Comms: Fire at will and join to fight if have to!++

Blood Angels turn 1

Sanguinary guard engage the enemy while scouts open fire at the poxwalker horde.

Sanguinary guard fire their angelus boltguns at the horde and multi-charge the plague marines, biologus putrifier and the poxwalkers.

Power fists smite down the biologus putrifier with such a force that it's grenade racks explode wounding a sanguinary guard.

One plague marine and one poxwalker die. Death guard piles in and retaliates finishing the wounded sanguinary guard.

Detailed information of the Blood angels turn

Sanguinary guard's 8 shots manage to kill 1 poxwalker. Snipers manage to get three wounds with 1 mortal wound. After disgustingly resilient rolls two more poxwalkers die.
Sanguinary guard get the multi-charge with charge roll of 8 and get's no overwatch. Biologus has the only ranged weapon, but it's range is 3".
Sanguinary guard swing first with two fists and four encarmine swords. Fists go at the putrifier, three swords at the plague marines and the last sword at the poxwalkers. Fists score three hits, three wounds, zero saves, zero DR successes. Biologus putrifier's racks of blight grenades explode on a roll of 4 and causes a mortal wound on the sanguinary guard. Encarmine swords strike the plague marines, but manage to kill only one marine. One marine threw three DR's in a roll..
6 poxwalkers and 5 plague marines pile in within strike range. Poxwalkers get 8 hits with Tallyman's reroll, but don't manage to get any wounds through. Mace of contagion kills the wounded model. Flail fails to wound with it's single hit. Power fists get to wounds negated with the armour (save rolls of 5 & 6).

Death guard turn 1

Tallyman keep chanting while the poxwalkers and the plague marines pile in for the kill. Champion of the plague marine squad show's how to please Nurgle by killing two sanguinary guard models with it's power fist. So only three models left on the remains of the sanguinary guard. Day is looking grim for the sons of Sanguinius.

Detailed information of the Death guard turn

Poxwalkers hit with 9 in range models, getting 12 hits with Tallyman's reroll, but the sanguinary guard only needs to make three armour saves. Flail fails to wound again. Mace forces two armour saves and the axe fails to wound. Champion steps up and scores two three damage hits through, killing two models.

Blood Angels turn 2

++Comms: My lord commander, they are losing the fight, the Nurgle scum are too many.
Comms: This is must not be. Make a run for it and have a shot at Tallyman itself.
Comms: Understood. Kaiko out.++

Scouts move and advance towards the old chapel while sanguinary guard try to breach through wall of rot.

Scouts have thin line of sight to the Tallyman.

Sounds of inferno pistols echoes within the chapel ruins and two marines disintegrate into the oblivion, and the over the warp stone and the chapel interior. Two more plague marines change their grotesque face into a mulching pile of blood and gore from the well aimed swings of power fists.

Pic: casualties.. more casualties..

Detailed information of the Blood angels turn

Inferno pistols scored 6 damage each. Three sword hits were negated with armour and DR. 22 poxwalker hits with reroll managed to get 9 armour saves out from sanguinary guard. Champion's fists miss even with the reroll. This time three flail hits fail to wound, but with the reroll ones from the plague weapon flail finally gets a wound through, only to be negated with a 4+ armour save. Morale check is successful.

Death guard turn 2

The fight endures, but no wounds made.

Detailed information of the Death guard turn

11 poxwalkers hit, but only to get one armour save out from the sanguinary guard. These guys need their buffs badly. Champion swings only the air like the sons of Sanguinius have fallen into a zealot. Sanguinary guard's fists miss this time and the single sword fails to wound.

Blood Angels turn 3

++Comms: Take aim and make make Sanguinius proud.++

Sanguinary guard disengages from combat and jumps within melta range of the Tallyman. Scouts open fire with their sniper rifles shooting through elbow of Tallyman. It doesn't seem to offset his chant.

Pic: Sanguinary guard lines up for the kill shot!

Getting too close to the warp stone causes the sanguinary guard to have death visions of the Sanguinius and their aim is weakend for a split second, but that's enough and their shots go wide.

Tallyman's eyes flash green and a small cracking sounds can be heard from the warp stone before it rises four feet high from the ground and turn black. Everything living or dead is sucked into the stone before it explodes into millions of particles. After the battle shock sergeant Kaiko looks through his binoculars and places his hand on the comms.

++Comms: It's a him. His alive!

<the comms go silent>++

Made in us
Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

Jacksonville, NC

Much better that second time! Great job bud

Check out my P&M Blog!
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1st Place Special Mission tourney 12/15/18 (Battlereps)
2nd Place ITC tourney 08/20/18 ( Battlerep)
3rd Place ITC Tourney 06/08/18(Battlereps
Made in us
Sneaky Sniper Drone


I enjoyed both battle reports. I for one do like the detailed reports and like to see how different units (and the dice) do. Thanks for posting.

For the Greater Good!
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Made in us
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I liked this one - thanks!

Bow down to Guilliman for he is our new God Emperor!

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"Lol, classic martel. 'I know it was strong enough to podium in the biggest tournament in the world but I refuse to acknowledge space marines are good because I can't win with them and it can't possibly be ME'."

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