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Guarding Guardian

Maple Ridge

I an painting black Spirit Stones on my Eldar Wraithguard and Wraithlord. I want to give them a shiny look. Will nuln gloss oil do this? I want to paint stars on the Spirit Stones so I hope that the nuln gloss oil will not take away this effect. Any suggestions?

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Powerful Ushbati


O boy.nuln oil wiol feth things up. You want the clean gloss paint, or possible the gem paints. Search on the gw youtube on spiritstones.

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If your using gw paints use Ard Coat. Ard coat is clear gloss paint.

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McAllen, TX

Depends, nuil oil shaken gives a good depth, let the pot settle for a week, the bottom is rather matte when dries and cracks a soft grey, the top dries a satin finish.
What you would want is a coat of brush on gloss varnish, careful though, as any relative forceful bump when it’s soft will take away the gloss, I recommend brush on a coat, then a light coat when the model is completely finished.
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Using Inks and Washes

Augusta GA

If you want shiny black stones with glittering stars then put down a black coat, do your stars, and gloss the whole thing. Nuln will only give a gloss coat if it’s a thick layer, which will cover anything under it.
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