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++ Battalion Detachment +3CP


Lieutenant -Warlord
-Chainsword, Master-crafted boltgun
Warlord trait /Brilliant Strategist

Ravenwing Talonmaster Landspeeder
-Relic /Shroud of Heroes
-Twin assault cannon, Twin heavy bolter
-Power sword


Tactical Squad #1
3x Space Marine
Heavy Weapon Marine
Space Marine Sergeant

Tactical Squad #2
Space Marine Sergeant
7x Space Marine
Heavy Weapon Marine
-Grav-cannon and grav-amp
Special Weapon Marine
- Plasma gun

Tactical Squad #3
Space Marine Sergeant
7x Space Marine
Heavy Weapon Marine
-Grav-cannon and grav-amp
Special Weapon Marine
- Plasma gun

Fast Attack

Ravenwing Bike Squad

Ravenwing Sergeant
Ravenwing Biker x5
-Chainsword, Twin boltgun
2 with plasma gun
Ravenwing Attack Bike
-Multi-melta, Twin boltgun

Ravenwing Land Speeder
-Heavy bolter, Heavy bolter

Heavy Support

1x Space Marine
4x Plasma cannon
Space Marine Sergeant

Dedicated Transport

-Twin lascannon

-Storm bolter, Storm bolter

-Storm bolter, Storm bolter

Total points = 1497
Total CP = 6

The plan is to have the lieutenant, dev squad, razor back and the 5 man tac squad with las sit back and fire support. then have both 10 man tac sqaud in a rino move up on objectives, while the talon master and the rest of the ravenwing stick as a group and move up on other objectives

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As a DA player i would swap 1-2 groups of marines to Scouts(5x) squads because it is good for screening and snipe some low wounds hqs. The RW bikes isn't that useful so i would swap them for RW black knights instead.
Don't know with units you got at home but azreal is really good in my opinion so choose him instead of Talonmaster or lieutentant.
The RW Land speeder is okey but you can get a pred or razorback for more dakka and toughness on the board.
I am a new DA/SM player so still learning also this is some advice i can bring you
Good Luck man!

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