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Fresh-Faced New User

Total new player here. Since the Deff Dread only gets 2 attack’s in the fight phase, why would you kit it with a third or fourth klaw?
You can only divide 2 attack’s amongst 2 weapons. Or am I missing something here?
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Nevermind. Reeead rule. Can’t figure how to delete this post, so

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To answer for those who might still have the same question, additional Dred Klaws grant additional attacks.

Disclaimer: My YMDC answers are from a "What the rules, as written in the rulebook, actually say" perspective, not a "What I wish the rules said" perspective.
Because some people get their knickers in a twist, I'll list these RaW 'oddities' in my sig. Sadly GW's promise of fixing their broken rules has itself been broken. RaW you cannot advance and then fire assault weapons, you can't shoot pistols if within 1" of an enemy; "minimum" ranges don't work; Seraphim have to re-roll saves that "fail" pre-re-roll; the game simply breaks if you ever have more than one wounded model in a unit; the game also breaks if a single rule ever tries to do multiple things simultaneously; Khârn punches himself in the face if he's not near some meatshields; Librarians on Bikes are locked to the Index power list, Howling Banshees can't declare a charge further than 12"; Spore Mines have an infinite range; Shroudpsalm technically doesn't do anything, only enemy models, not friendly models, have permission to move on top of a Skyshield Landing Pad; T'au have access to stackable Ignore Wounds (albeit against Mortal Wounds only); the T'au Early Warning Override Support System only works if a unit is "teleporting to the battlefield", not just arriving mid-battle; Genestealer Cults can no longer move after ambushing; you can only ever use the Deathwatch Teleportarium Stratagem "once", and then never again in any battle after you use it; single use weapons MUST be fired the first time a model shoots if they are in range and LOS, if a model splits fire, each weapon must target a different unit; the Agents of Vect stratagem can be used by ANY Drukhari army, not just one with a Kabal of the Black Heart detachment; a Tyrant Guard with Lashwhip can absorb an infinite amount of damage via Shieldwall between the time they die and the time they fight; Chapter Tactics on Successor Chapters don't actually do anything; Codex Leman Russ's can take an infinite amount of Hunter-Killer Missiles, Storm Bolters and Heavy Stubbers; Imothekh's 'Lord of the Storm' ability hits the "target unit" twice; "Airborne" units can't be charged by non-FLY units, but can be Heroically Intervened into, piled into, or consolidated into just fine by non-FLY units; and Wave Serpents cannot be legally charged at by any model with a standard base.
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 BaconCatBug wrote:
To answer for those who might still have the same question, additional Dred Klaws grant additional attacks.

"each time the bearer fights, it can make 1 additional attack with each dread klaw it is equipped with."

Note how the rule does not say the likes of "each time a model attacks using this weapon." This means that you are essentially paying for +1 A per dread klaw.

Deff dread has base 2 attacks, which goes up to 4 attacks during fight phase thanks to the two dread klaws it's equipped with. Any additional dread klaws beyond the initial two grants you 1 additional attacks in the fight phase.

If you have 3 dread klaws, you have 5 attacks. If you have 4 dread klaws, you have 6 attacks.

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