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Made in us
Death-Dealing Devastator

Providence, RI

So I have this unit concept I want to build a list around. Y'know how snipers are overcosted but sometimes if you could just take out a couple characters early you'd be in great shape? Well, there's this cool order that Mordions get, and valkyries can get 12 models to just 3" away from enemy lines...

~300 points of Mordions: Valkyrie, company commander, command squad(4 plasma guns), special weapon squad (3 plasma guns)

I'm not sure what bigger list this would synergize well with, and want suggestions. I own about 10,000 points of marines (but few primaris), and about 4000 points of astra militarum.

Here was my first thought, though it's probably way suboptimal and only about 1250 points:

Company ancient
Scout squad x3
Devastator squad x3
(~850 points)

Company commander x2
Infantry squad x3
Special weapon squad
command squad
(~480 points)

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10,000+ points
3000+ points 
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