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Made in us
Food for a Giant Fenrisian Wolf

Happy New Year everyone

So on the 13th i will be going to Warhammer World to play some doubles games with my mates

We are all very new to 8th but at least they have played some games, i haven't played in 8th at all!

So my team mate is going to be using guard and is basically making a gunline to sit at the back of the board, so i guess it will be my job to bring the pain to the enemies side of the table or sitting back with him as a body guard, what do you think is best?

as for the list, this is what i'm looking at

50 PL
Patrol Detachment


14 PL- Bjorn (Assault canon, heavy flamer) (warlord, tenacious survivor)


11PL- 10xGrey Hunters (1xplasma)


8PL- Venerable Dreadnought (Fenrisian Great Axe and Blizzard Shield)


9PL- 10x Skyclaw


8PL- 5xLong Fangs (4x Missle Launcher) or Pred (2xlascanons)

My plan is to either sit back with his gunline or use my 2 command points to outflank the two dreads.
What do you think?
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Hmm well if you do come across a flyer the rocket launchers could be of use.
Made in gb
Keeper of the Holy Orb of Antioch

avoiding the lorax on Crion

Given it power levels you likely could gave your various Sgt and such power weapons, and any other bonus you like.

Or even maybe a quad lass pred.

Sgt. Vanden - OOC Hey, that was your doing. I didn't choose to fly in the "Dongerprise'.

"May the odds be ever in your favour"

Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl wrote:
I have no clue how Dakka's moderation work. I expect it involves throwing a lot of d100 and looking at many random tables.

FudgeDumper - It could be that you are just so uncomfortable with the idea of your chapters primarch having his way with a docile tyranid spore cyst, that you must deny they have any feelings at all.  
Made in pl
Automated Space Wolves Thrall


Hey mate,

just to remind you. Dreds cannot outflanking. You can use this strategem with CA on Space Wolves Infantry only.

The real Rockn'rolla! 
Made in au
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

I would consider Bjorn, upgraded to twin las.

Add a second plasma and a power fist into grey hunters.

Change the ven dread either to a shooting unit or another unit of hunters. I would consider a Twin Las/Twin Auto dread.

Skyclaws are not amazing but you can outflank them and do some damage - 10 with a Thunder Hammer or similar and two melta guns can work - melta over plasma as I imagine people may abuse multi wound models at lower points.

Long Fangs with 5 missiles work too and be sure to add in the pack leader with a flamer or similar and a thunder hammer or fist - who knows?

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