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Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Oregon, USA


AD Mech

Apologies for the poor photo quality- my main camera has gone missing, so i'm on my cellphone.

Belisarius Cawl
20 Vanguard
10 Rangers
6 Kataphron Destroyers with Grav Cannons
2 Kastellan robots and Datasmith
Card deck
3 Onager Dunecrawlers wth magnetized weapons

Open to trade offers or Paypal

*** updated for current trades ***

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The Viletide: Daemons of Nurgle/Deathguard: 7400 pts
Disclples of the Dragon - Ad Mech - about 2000 pts
GSC - about 2000 Pts
Rhulic Mercs - um...many...
Circle Oroboros - 300 Pts or so
Menoth - 300+ pts
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Eastern Ontario


Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. 
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