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Couldn't find anything with the search function so hey ho and away we go. What are your favourite memories of 40k homebrew campaigns (can include a campaign run at a local GW store/FLGS)?

We ran one many years ago where we basically took the old warhammer fantasy world and converted it into a 40K world. So Imperial Guard quite naturally became the Empire, specifically Mordian guard. Space Wolves and Valhallans ended up in Kislev. Chaos was Chaos. Ultramarines ended up in Bretonnia (this was pre-Imperial Knights). Orks ended up where Orks would normally be found. Tallarn Desert Raiders ended up in the south (this was pre-Necron as well). Eldar replaced the High Elves, Dark Eldar the dark elves. Blood Angels took over Sylvania. Tyranids ended up in Lustria fighting Catachans, but due to lack of battles they also kept cropping up in the old world a la Skaven. The campaign map was mostly node based, so armies used the road networks to move from city to city etc, with some special rules for Naval landings. It didn't work brilliantly, but it was ok. The main struggle was fudging the campaign around the fact that the Imperial forces outnumbered everyone else by something like 5:1 in terms of points of miniatures. It did result in some great battles though (including a battle where the Imperium was saved from a massive Ork invasion by a battlewagon that crashed and blocked a bridge), some interesting shifts in the world order (the Dark Eldar nearly over ran Ulthuan till an Imperial force saved the day, which left the Imperium open to nearly being over run by Tyranids and Chaos), and some great characters including a chainfist wielding Ultramarine apothecary who rose to general status and became known as Jesus of Naggarond.

What about you, what are your favourite homebrew campaign memories?
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