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Made in us
Been Around the Block

I need the following:

1 New Hive Tyrant Head (pending)
20 Tyranid armorplates bits (specifically from monstrous creature sprue - the big flat one - see pic below)

New Style SM Terminator sgt powersword arms
New Style SM Assault Terminators on Sprue (or just paired weapon bits)
1 set SM Dread flamer bits (pending)
1 Box SM Scouts on sprue (or 3 sets SM scouts bits - legs, torsos, arms for shotguns)  (pending)
Terminator Armor plate bits (the heraldry plates that go on the torsos by the arms - look like little shields - from regular or assault termies) (pending)

LOTS of specific bits from the new IG vehicle Accessory sprues:

Dozer Blades (bracket & blades)
Winged Skull bits
HK missile racks (Just need the racks, not the missles)
trackguards (specifically the longer piece)
jerry cans
Searchlight 'connector' bits (under the Searchlight bits, next to the hook)

IG Tank Wheel Sprues

2 FW Repressor kits (MUST be unassembled)

7 OK Ogre Bulls  (pending)
4 Plastic Warhammer dragons (plastic sprues - don't need the wings)
2 NEW plastic Warhammer Giants (lol)

4 sets Ghazkulls Horns bits (2 horns ea) OR 4 large skull banners from orc command sprue OR 4 Black Orc Standard Top bits OR any combination thereof

6 Skaven Globadier PAckpack 2 bits & 12 Death Kopta small Rotary blades bits OR 6 Old school SM Turbofan jumppacks OR maybe 6 newstyle Chaos Raptor backpacks

New Style Chaos Warriors - on sprue or loose (really only need front body piece - bit with legs)

Chaos Marauder left hand weapon bits (need alot of left arms - will take rights as well)

Gor Left Handed Weapons

2 Tuskgor Heads

Hooded Wood Elf Glade Guard Head Bits (lots)

Extra WE Dryad Heads

2 Khorne Juggernaughts (don't need the riders)

Brettonian Men at arms on sprue - must be unassembled (or bits, only need bodies)

1 Everseer Assassin

4 Current Howling Banshee Sword Arms


I have a ton to trade:

Liber Chaotica Khorne
How to Make Wargames Terrain Book
How to Paint Citadel Miniatures Book
Imperial Armor (softbound)
Index Astartes 1
Chapter Approved (1st Book)
Chapter Approvd 2003 (2nd Book)
OOP 3rd Edition Codexes SM, CSM, Tyranids, IG, Tau
OOP 2nd Edition Codexes Eldar, Sisters of Battle
Current 4th Edition Codexes Orks, Eldar, Craftworld Eldar



Lots of EC bits
4 Steeds of Slaanesh
2 Hounds of Chaos
ALOT of chaos mutation bits


Assorted bits - Extra Fleshborers, Gaunt Devourers, Fex Carpace bits, Some other Fex bits, a lot of Warrior heads, Extra gaunt Warrior and Fex armor bits, Deathspitters, maybe some other stuff...


SM bikes on sprue
1 Assault marine Sgt (metal)

2 rhinos (1 pending)
1 predator (pending)

8 unpainted death company marines

5 Legion of the Damned backpacks
16 Legion of the Damned Shoulderpads
10 Imperial Eagle bannertops 


2 Chimeras

Female Catachan w/ GL
Metal Tank Commander
Crew bits from new style accessory sprue
1 set heavy stubber bits from new style accessory sprue


1 Farseer
Blister Maugan Ra
8 Dark Reapers + 2 Exarchs
11 Swooping Hawks + 1 Exarch
1 OOP Dire Avenger Exarch w/ Dire Sword
Metal bits for a bunch of Shining Spears (10 or so)
2 Falcons
2 Forgeworld Wave Serpent Conversion kits 
1 Vyper


1 Blister Kelt Fiannas 1
1 Blister Wolfen Hunters 2


1 OOP Chaos Champ, unpainted
10 or so OOP daemonettes
Extra Beastherd bits (mainly shields and banners - lots)

IKore Celtos :

1 Blister Elf Archers set 1 (3)
1 blister Nemian Sword Maiden
1 Blister Danu
1 blister Arianrod of the Obsidian Spear

Reaper Dark Haven:

1 blister selmarina, witch 2682
1 blister clawed devil 2672
1 loose female frost giant
1 loose lyche
1 loose female paladin

72 MM Sophie 

1 OOP Doom Baron of Hell mini

Reaper Warlord

1 loose Demon
1 blister Fatima

I also have a ton of 40k bits.

Thanks for looking - Also note I have a bunch of other stuff not added to my haves list yet (mainly 40k items - Chaos, Eldar, SM and a little IG). If you have what I need but don't see what you want drop a line anyway - I may have something you can use

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