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Custom printable parts starting with custodes and marine hands. Includes some finished parts.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Okay folks I'm gonna be updating this as often as I can but I'm crawling my sorry backside out of a major rut.

I'm swinging back into 3D modeling as I now have a laptop capable of running my CAD software.

I'm looking for inspiration, advice, and general motivation to keep working.

the bigger listing of work can be found at https://speartip-doc.tumblr.com/ which til now mostly consists of Tau goodness but right now I'm feeling a different pull.

Update with more pictures.

If people want I'll see about moving most of my old stuff over to dakka and repost it here rather than the blog.

Edit: adding a redesigned door

Okay now I'm tagging in a proper land raider door, should be pretty easy to me to roll back and erase the raptor, actually that's next.

And now for a project that took me hours (style splines drive me up the walls). The laurels I'm especially proud of but it's gonna stink redoing them for a door.

And here we have take two on the armor plate, much improved.

Here's a barrage of land raider assault doors for ya. The first 2 are Custodes, the second 2 are early crusade honors.

And yes I AM considering taking commissions, though I might need a 2nd artist to assist with vector work.

Now we have rhino and land raider doors with crusade honors.

One more honors door before I figure out something else to do. maybe start work on a hand.

Now working on my hand. Pain in the arse but I'm making progress.

Hands have made progress

Now I need to learn to smooth out the fingers and fill in the gaps and they'll be ready to start holding weapons.

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Legendary Master of the Chapter

Well its certainly a door

looks pretty good and clean so far. cant wait to see more.

 Unit1126PLL wrote:
 Scott-S6 wrote:
And yet another thread is hijacked for Unit to ask for the same advice, receive the same answers and make the same excuses.

Oh my god I'm becoming martel.
Send help!

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Blood Angel Neophyte Undergoing Surgeries

Hopefully this will open some new "doors" for you . Who is that rino door for? (What faction).


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Stalwart Tribune

Emperors will wrote:
Hopefully this will open some new "doors" for you . Who is that rino door for? (What faction).

It's a custodes design right now (mk2b land raiders use rhino doors)

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Ancient Venerable Black Templar Dreadnought


So @carabine, what is your "draw" at this moment?
What is the motivation?
Easy to give suggestions if some directions you are thinking about are voiced.

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Stalwart Tribune

 Talizvar wrote:
So @carabine, what is your "draw" at this moment?
What is the motivation?
Easy to give suggestions if some directions you are thinking about are voiced.
Right now the new Custodes releases have inspired me to return to modeling. Building as well but that's another challenge (got 2 Mk2b land raiders and 3 heresy dreadnoughts to build).

I'm considering doing up some different spearheads for guardian spears (but that's super flimsy), maybe try and sculpt a better sentinel blade, maybe even try my hand at the specialist spears from heresy (but that's pretty far down the design line for now due to a lack of heresy going on in my area.)

I'm really dry on trying to figure out how to do some tau weapons I never did alternate models for, like the flamer and fusion blaster, and I've never done a proper CIB.

My skills in this setup is a tad bit limited since I'm working with CAD and not a proper sculpting program, but on the other side I can do hard edges without trying.

TLDR, imperial doors, custodes and tau weapons.

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Loyal Necron Lychguard

South Dakota

Very cool stuff. Don't sell yourself short, I'm jealous of your ability with CAD.


My Project Blog: Necrons, Orks, Sisters, Blood Angels, and X-Wing
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Stalwart Tribune

Spent a few hours being harassed by a formally trained artist so I've tweaked some designs and suddenly I'm rethinking a bunch of concept work.

Also he gave me the idea of how to to do scrollwork which in turn has given me ideas on how to do stepped entities but I'm still struggling on how to do individual feathers.

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Made in us
Stalwart Tribune

Okay comming back to this separate blog for bitz instead of tagging it onto the durandal project blog.

Here we have some new spearheads for custodes models varying from ballistic to energy and from cylinder to automatic. I'm still working on certain aspects but for now I've gotten access to a printer again and it's a bit more reliable. I'm honestly kinda sad about the lack of officer flair for Legio/Adeptus Custodes. So here we go...

Finished products here!

I'll Also likely be reposting the non tank bitz stuff here and keep that thread for tank only updates.

I'm gonna be doing 28mm infantry weaponry (already have a nice hi-ex ballistic weapon and plasma, along with melee weapons) so hit me up with stuff you wanna see, I'm always looking for inspirations when mine is flowing more like toothpaste rather than water.

Lastly I'm looking for inspiration for the back spike for these halberds. Kinda unhappy where they are but the drum works pretty well for the auto one. The cylinders kinda need another piece of gear.

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Made in us
Stalwart Tribune

More finished prints folks. Still throwing designs at the walls and seeing what works. But I'm mostly happy with 2 of the paragon spears and the different forward blade.

The last two will likely remain unused unless someone really likes them.

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