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Made in us
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

Ohio, USA

Slaughterday! & Darkness Fouls... V @ NoVA Open Aug 31st/Sept 1st

Blood Bowl Tournament Location
Hyatt Regency Crystal City at National Airport
2799 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202
(There is special Convention booking through novaopen.com)

One is never enough ...this is common knowledge.

BaWSH Bowl V: Slaughterday! @ The NoVA Open
Saturday, September 1st
Check-in Begins: 9am
Game 1 : 10:00am – 12:15pm
LUNCH! : 12:15pm – 1:15pm
Game 2 : 1:15pm – 3:30pm
Game 3 : 3:45pm – 6:00pm

It's the time again!
Blood Bowl at the NoVA Open gets better and better. There was yet another record number of coaches last year and there's plenty of room for more.
Help make the NoVA Open better than ever by stomping your way through the veteran Coaches that keep making this one of the best


Darkness Fouls... V @ The NoVA Open
Friday (Aug 1st) & Saturday (Sept. 1st)
Darkness Fouls...
Friday (Aug. 31st) & Saturday (Sept. 1st)
Check-in Begins: 7:00pm Friday
Game 1 & 2(Fri) : 8:00pm & 10:30pm
Game 3 & 4(Sat) : 8:15pm & 10:45pm

Still knocking heads into the wee hours at the NoVA Open we're better than ever.
NUFL is restless and is looking to get down and dirty. This tournament is going to start living up to it's name.
The Inducements table looks a little different this year and may have a gift or two for ...just the right kind of player.

This tournament begins at night for anyone whom just couldn't make it to the Day-Long Tournament. The games are also split between two nights so that each coach can claim some measure of beauty rest between bouts of dice rolling and convention frolicking.
If you spent the day fighting for(or against) The Emperor then we're here for you. Cut loose and let your dark side show.
Step on up and see if you can dominate BOTH Tournaments at the NoVA Open.

Slaughterday is three games, Darkness Fouls... is four games and both are Swiss pairing tournaments using a special themed Kickoff Table(detailed in the 'primer' at novaopen.com)
Injuries and casualties do not carry over: Each game will begin with your roster in exactly the same state you created it.

ALL 24 NAF approved teams are ready, willing and able to kick all the butt they can plus the two new guys: Bretonnians and Daemons of Khorne! Bring it on!
Teams can be built using up to 1,100,000gp.
The Inducements Tables/choices between the events DO differ this year. Please read the Primer document carefully.

Event Price: $20
The NoVA Open Event pricing still includes a -$3 discount to every one of your registered events beyond the first.
Sign up for both Tournaments(you know you want to...) and you'll save 15%!

Full Tournament Details(primer) and Registration now open! at http://www.novaopen.com

Tournament Rules pack can be had here:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!
PM me here, contact the NoVA Open or...

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Taking all of the 1's! All of them!
Go Team Banzai! 
Made in us
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

Ohio, USA

Welcome back to our fifth year!
The first thing that needs to happen is a hearty thank you to all the great competitors that made last year so huge.
There are many new things to see and talk about in both the Bloodbowl tournaments and I can't wait to see them in action.

There's tweaks to the rules sets for both tournaments as well as the Winners awards categories.
Darkness Fouls is finally be living up to it's name with an extra dash of randomness that should keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

We're also welcoming in two new Races into the fold for the bashing mayhem.
We'll be going into each of these things in detail right here! Keep your eyes open here for more!

Taking all of the 1's! All of them!
Go Team Banzai! 
Made in us
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

Ohio, USA

Coaches! An update just for you!

The first and biggest thing that's changed this year is the scheduling.
Thanks to some feedback from coaches and a good hard look at how things are run we've shuffled the times for starting and re-starting games.

Darkness Fouls...
Checkin and starting time has been bumped up on Friday night to 7pm and 8pm.
This should still give everyone plenty of time to get to the convention and settle in.
It should also let everyone get plenty of other Friday events under their belt before the real mayhem begins.
The biggest perk might be that it'll give all of us a little more time to shine our spikes and cleats for Slaughterday!

Is being shifted to a three game schedule with Check-in at 9am and kick-off at 10am.
We know there are lots of coaches who just can't get here in time to make an 8am Kickoff and we needed to fix that.
Everyone who has wanted to come and be part of the madness but just couldn't squeeze it in should have a lot easier time making it happen.
We look forward to seeing everyone!

Taking all of the 1's! All of them!
Go Team Banzai! 
Made in us
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

Ohio, USA

Bloodbowl at the NoVA Open: Like a fine wine...

There are a few things different about the tournament rules sets this year.
There aren't a great many differences but they are important ones.

Team/Roster creation
Coacheswill now need to have eleven players before hiring a Star player.
The Tiered roster creation has given a lot more freedom for coaches and we honestly expect to see fewer star player choices because of it anyway.

Casualties... you know you want some...
The tournaments of previous years have excluded casualties caused by fouling and secret weapons.
I'm very pleased to have found the reasons for it seem to have been unfounded so we're lifting this restriction to let coaches be themselves.
You don't get SPP's but at least you can revel in your own version of blood-fueled hell. I hope you can live with yourself, ya filthy animal.

Taking all of the 1's! All of them!
Go Team Banzai! 
Made in us
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

Ohio, USA

Do you know EXACTLY what sort of havoc you're going to wreak on your opponents?
Have you had your roster prepped and ready since January?
Why not save yourself some time and get it to us before the convention?

Feel free to send us your team rosters (complete with your name and NAF ID & # if applicable) and we'll get you in the lists so that all you have to do is show up and curse NUFL for the dice results.

Taking all of the 1's! All of them!
Go Team Banzai! 
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