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Longtime Dakkanaut

Giving them a look over I ended up buying the Darkoth Warqueen, since it great looking and can customize it to fit with my Khorne.

Unless you play the specific supplement though and build a force around them, they seem very...bad?

Warqueen only helps Slaves to Darkness. Would not be so useful for Blades of Khorne. So youd never make her your general, and even if you took her as a ally, there are just better points spent on other things.

Seems to be the same way with Knight of Shrouds . Boosts nighthaunt, but they have a whooping 7 units including him? Just all seems so focused it isn't a good option. Some cool models in there, but I cant see them making many lists.
Made in us
Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

Well they aren't great outside of the malign portents rules, but they are cheap points wise so I find it appropriate. The Ordinator obviously has use alongside Ironweld, the Fungoid shaman is a great ally for a cheap wizard that some destruction armies can't get otherwise (Beastclaw, Gutbuster, Ironjawz), the Darkoath Warqueen is just a cheap hero that can jump out and punch above her weight on monsters/heroes and be no big loss when she dies.

Then there is the knight of shrouds. He is awesome and auto-take for Nighthaunt armies. His ability gives +1 to hit to models that universally do mortal wounds on hits of 6+. Spirit swarms, hexwraiths, cairn wraiths, etc will all be doing mortals on 5+. It also means Nighthaunts can actually deal with hit penalties now.

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