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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

Another year and another 10mm releases thread!

With the recent weather here in the UK, many of you may be considering sacrificing a close friend or family member to the fire-god Huehueteotl... So to help you scratch that itch, we've got some Aztecs!

These have been a long-term project and are the result of endless requests, nudges and downright pestering by our Forum's own Fierce Kitty. But credit where credit's due, he's provided all of the help and guidance as we worked through the range and his efforts have now been rewarded!

The Aztecs were a Mesoamerican culture in central Mexico from 1300 until 1521. For most of this period the various tribes fought amongst each other until the arrival of the Spanish in 1517, leading to a short period of conflict and ultimately the conquest of the indigenous population by the European colonists.

Aztecs - https://pendraken.co.uk/renaissance/aztecs/
AZT1 Command
AZT2 Jaguar warriors/Tzitzimitl
AZT3 Eagle warriors
AZT4 Quachic fanatic veterans
AZT5 Tequihuah veterans
AZT6 Huaxtec warriors/Priests
AZT7 Commoners
AZT8 Commoners with bow (15) £2.65
AZT9 Commoners with slings (15) £2.65
AZT10 Commoners with baggage (10) £1.75
AZT11 Chief of Men (2) £0.85
AZT12 Tzilacatzin, Warrior champion (1) £0.55
AZT13 Mixed backbanners (15 pieces) £2.50
Army Pack – Contains 2 x AZT7. 1 x AZT2, AZT3, AZT4, AZT6, AZT13. ½ x AZT1 - £33.00

And some pics of course:

AZT2 - Jaguar warriors/Tzitzimitl

AZT3 - Eagle Warriors

AZT4 - Quachic fanatic veterans

AZT6 - Huaxtec warriors/Priests

AZT7 - Commoners

AZT13 - Backbanners

We've got some more releases coming soon, as well as some more previews for the Indian Mutiny range.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

We've got another new range online next, with the start of a WWII Belgian range now available! This little batch are all Vickers designs, including the Utility B tractor which was a licensed Belgian version of the Vickers Utility vehicle. Next up is the the B1/B2 version of the T-13 tank destroyer with a 47mm AT gun. And finally we've got the T-15 light tank, armed with a 13.2mm machine gun.

For infantry, we are planning to add some specific Belgian figures at some point in the future but it's likely to be 2019 or later before we fit those into the schedule. In the meantime, our WWII French in Adrian helmets are a suitable proxy.

Belgian - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/belgian/
BEL1 Utility B tractor (2)
BEL2 T-13 tank destroyer (1)
BEL3 T-15 light tank (1)

And the pics:

BEL1 - Utility B tractor

BEL2 -T-13 tank destroyer

BEL3 - T-15 light tank

We'll have these with us at the upcoming WMMS show, as well as Salute of course, so pop by and have a look! We've also got some more WWII and Modern releases coming in the next week.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

Hot on the heels of the Belgians we've got another batch of WWII releases! First up for the Brits we've got a handful of figures in the later war Mk III 'turtle' helmet and a couple more Shermans. For the Germans, we've got Becker's conversion of the French P107 halftrack, designated U304(f). And bringing up the rear we've added the model 1943 version of the T-34, complete with the oft-requested 'Mickey Mouse' turret!


Infantry - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/british/infantry/
BRF56 Riflemen in Mk III 'turtle' helmet £1.75
BRF57 Sten in Mk III 'turtle' helmet £1.75
BRF58 Officer Mk III 'turtle' helmet £1.75

Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/british/vehicles/
BRV31 M4A2 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm £3.20
BRV32 M4A2 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm, turret back box £3.20

Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/german/vehicles/
GRV110 U304(f), Becker's halftrack £2.95

Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/soviet/vehicles/
SVV39 T-34/76 D, model 1943 £2.95

And the pics:

BRF56 - Riflemen in Mk III 'turtle' helmet

BRV31 - M4A2 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm

GRV110 - U304(f), Becker's halftrack

SVV39 - T-34/76 D, model 1943

We'll have these with us at the upcoming WMMS show, as well as Salute of course, so pop by and have a look!

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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

Our final set of releases for the week takes us into the post-war period, with the M46 Patton and M60A3 now available!

The M46 was produced after WWII as a replacement for the Pershing and Sherman tanks. Production continued until the late 1950's and this one will prove rather handy for our upcoming Korean War range.

Jumping forward a couple of decades, the A3 variant of the M60 was developed with a number of enhancements over the A2, including smoke dischargers and turret stabilisation. Whilst it was phased out of US service in the 2000's, this tank is still in service in several countries around the world.

Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/modern/vehicles/
MDV59 M46 Patton £3.50
MDV60 M60A3, 105mm £3.70

And the pics:

MDV59 - M46 Patton

MDV60 - M60A3

That's it for now, we've got some Naps and WWI releases coming next so keep an eye out for those!
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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

The steady expansion of our Napoleonic ranges continues, with both the Hanoverians and King's German Legion now available and ready to serve!

On the Hanoverian side we've got them in both shako and cap options, plus jager and landwehr and a handy mounted officer in bicorne. For the KGL, we've got line, lights, Hussars and a mounted officer in stovepipe. These Hussars can be used for the Hanoverians as well.

Next in this period will be the Dutch-Belgians towards the end of the year and then that'll be it for the later period for now. After that we'll be trying to go back to 1809 and fill in some of the missing nations there.

Napoleonics, 1812-15
Hanoverians - https://pendraken.co.uk/napoleonic/1812-1815/hanoverian/
NHN1 Line in shako £5.25
NHN2 Line command in shako £5.25
NHN3 Line in cap £5.25
NHN4 Line command in cap £5.25
NHN5 Light/Jager, inc. command £5.25
NHN6 Landwehr, inc. command £5.25
NHN7 Mounted Officer (5) £1.75

King's German Legion - https://pendraken.co.uk/napoleonic/1812-1815/kings-german-legion/
NKG1 Line £5.25
NKG2 Line command £5.25
NKG3 Lights, march attack, inc. comm (16) £2.80
NKG4 Lights, skirmish, inc. command (16) £2.80
NKG5 Hussars £5.25
NKG6 Mounted Officer (5) £1.75

And some pics of course:

NHN1 - Hanoverian Line in shako

NHN3 - Hanoverian Line in cap

NHN6 - Landwehr, inc. command

NHN7 - Mounted officer in bicorne

NKG4 - Lights, skirmishing, inc. command

NKG5 - Hussars

NKG6 - Mounted officer in stovepipe

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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

We've got another batch of the excellent Red Vectors designs sorted and available on the website now!

First up we've got some Sci-Fi designs in 6mm and 15mm, with some handy ruins and some excellent habitation modules. The modules are as you might guess, modular, and can be stacked in all manner of configurations. The tops come out of these as well, to allow you to furnish the internals as well.

Secondly we've got a selection of buildings suitable for North Africa, Afghanistan or the Middle East, this time in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm options. There's a 4 pack of basic buildings and then a twin pack with a couple of more ornate styles in, plus some market stalls as well! As with the Sci-Fi modules, the roofs can be removed from all of these to allow you to get inside.

These, along with the other RedVectors designs, can all be found on our new website here: http://www.minibits.net/red-vectors/

6mm Sci-Fi
RED-6S-01 Habitation modules (x4) £16.00
RED-6S-02 Ruined buildings (x4) £7.00

15mm Sci-Fi
RED-15S-01 Habitation modules (x5) £27.00
RED-15S-02 Ruined buildings (x4) £12.00

15mm Afghan/African
RED-15A-01 Afghan/African Buildings, Set A (x4) £14.00
RED-15A-02 Afghan/African Buildings, Set B (x2) £10.00
RED-15A-03 Market Stalls (x8) £3.00

20mm Afghan/African
RED-20A-01 Afghan/African Buildings, Set A (x4) £18.00
RED-20A-02 Afghan/African Buildings, Set B (x2) £15.00
RED-20A-03 Market Stalls (x8) £3.00

28mm Afghan/African
RED-28A-01 Afghan/African Buildings, Set A (x4) £28.00
RED-28A-02 Afghan/African Buildings, Set B (x2) £25.00
RED-28A-03 Market Stalls (x8) £3.00

And a pics to tempt you in!

RED-6S-02 - 6mm Ruined buildings

RED-15S-01 - 15mm Habitation Modules

RED-15A-03 - 15mm Market Stalls

RED-20A-01 - 20mm Afghan/African Buildings, Set A

RED-28A-02 - 28mm Afghan/African Buildings, Set B

We've got some more to come soon as well, right after we get done with Salute!

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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

We've added a few new products to the Tools section of our website, with a selection of sculpting putties, some abrasive pads and a pack of Humbrol flat brushes now available!

On the putties side we've got packs of Magic Sculpt and Green Stuff, as well as the Milliput Standard and Terracotta. The Milliputs are handy to have around for basic filling and repair work, while the Magic Sculpt and Green Stuff are of more use for full sculpts or conversion jobs.

The micro abrasive foam-backed pads are very flexible, soft-backed pads which are easy to use and don't need a backing support pad, unlike normal abrasive sheets. Every pad is abrasive on both sides with the same grade. These are ideal for curved surfaces and can be washed and re-used. Each pad measures 50mm x 50mm (2"x2") in size and can be used on soft woods, plastics, painted surfaces and for finishing metals. This pack contains 9 pads in grades: - 1500 - 1800 - 2400 - 3200 - 3600 - 4000 - 6000 - 8000 - 12000

And finally we've added a pack of Humbrol flat paintbrushes as well. These brushes are made from high quality soft synthetic hair, perfect for creating a smooth professional finish and ideal for painting large surface areas, weathering, adding washes and helping to apply decals. This pack contains four different brushes, sizes 3, 5, 7 and 10, suitable for both enamel and acrylic paints.

These are all on both the Pendraken and Minibits websites:
Putties - https://pendraken.co.uk/tools-putties-glues/putties/ and http://www.minibits.net/tools-putties-glues/putties/
Abrasive Pads - https://pendraken.co.uk/tools-putties-glues/tools/ and http://www.minibits.net/tools-putties-glues/tools/
Flat Brushes - https://pendraken.co.uk/paintbrushes/flat-brushes/ and http://www.minibits.net/paintbrushes/flat-brushes/

TOOL-PUT1: Magic Sculpt, 250g

TOOL-PUT2: Green Stuff stick, 125g

TOOL-PUT3: Milliput Standard, 113g

TOOL-PUT4: Milliput Terracotta, 113g

TOOL-TL7: Abrasive Pads x 9

HUM-FL-PACK: Flat brushes pack
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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

We've got another 20 releases in our 20th Century ranges!

Firstly, we're continuing to revamp some of our older WWII models and next up is the British Cruiser series and the German Panzer IV's. On the Cruiser side we've replaced the original A9, A10 and A13's, as well as adding another 5 variants as well. For the Panzer IV's it's a straight swap of new for old, as well as the StuG IV and the Brummbar as well. Moving forward we'll be replacing the Nashorn, Hummel, Mobelwagen, Wirbelwind and Ostwind. Also for the Germans we've revamped the Jagdpanther IV L70 and also added a new Tiger I with zimmerit.

We've got a quick addition to the American range as well, with some Sherman field armour pieces available in the Misc section.

And finally we've added the Panhard AML 60 to our Modern vehicles range.

British Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/british/vehicles/
BRV6 - A9 Mk I / Cruiser Mk I (Vickers)
BRV7 - A10 Mk I / Cruiser Mk II (Vickers)
BRV8 - A13 Mk I / Cruiser Mk III (Vickers)
BRV9 - A13 Mk IIa / Cruiser Mk IVa (Besa)

BRV103 - A9 Mk I CS / Cruiser Mk I CS
BRV104 - A10 Mk Ia / Cruiser Mk IIa (Besa)
BRV105 - A10 Mk Ia CS / Cruiser Mk IIa CS
BRV106 - A13 Mk I CS / Cruiser Mk III CS
BRV107 - A13 Mk II / Cruiser Mk IV (Vickers)

German Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/german/vehicles/
GRV13 - Panzer IV D
GRV14 - Panzer IV F1
GRV15 - Panzer IV F2
GRV16 - Panzer IV G
GRV17 - Panzer IV H
GRV32 - Jagdpanzer IV L70s (no skirts)
GRV40 - StuG IV
GRV87 - Brummbar

GRV111 - Tiger I with zimmerit

American Misc - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/american/misc/
AMX1 - Field armour for Sherman tanks (10) £1.75

Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/modern/vehicles/
MDV61 - Panhard AML 60

And some pics!

BRV6 - A9 Mk I / Cruiser Mk I (Vickers)

BRV106 - A13 Mk I CS / Cruiser Mk III CS

GRV14 - Panzer IV F1

GRV17 - Panzer IV H

GRV32 - Jagdpanzer IV L70

GRV111 - Tiger I with zimmerit

Automatically Appended Next Post:
John at Ironclad has done us a couple of new ramparts to add to our emplacements range, available in small and large options! The small one measures 80x40mm with an internal of 50x25mm, while the large one measures 110x50mm with an internal of 80x30mm.

Scenic Items
Emplacements - https://pendraken.co.uk/scenic-items-terrain/emplacements/
SCN-EMP10 Small earthen rampart £3.00
SCN-EMP11 Large earthen rampart £4.00

And the pics:

SCN-EMP10 - Small earthen rampart

SCN-EMP11 - Large earthen rampart

And one to show how they look with a vehicle inside:

We hope you like them!

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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

After all of the GDPR emails, here's something a little bit more fun! We've just put the finishing touches to our WWI extension, adding new codes to the Middle East range as well as revamping some of the earlier packs and adding some handy officers and generals to some of the other nations!

Austro-Hungarian - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-i/austrohungarian/
AH21 Senior Officers (2) £0.60

Belgian - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-i/belgian/
B8 Senior Officers (2) £0.60
B9 Generals (Lt Gen Leman + generic) with map £1.00

British - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-i/british/
BP68 Senior Officers (2) £0.60

French - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-i/french/
F11 Dragoons
F41 Senior Officers (2) £0.60

German - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-i/german/
GP49 Dismounted Uhlans
GP50 Senior Officers (2) £0.60

Middle East - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-i/middle-east/
ME4 Dismounted Australian cavalry
ME5 Australian cavalry
ME6 Imperial cavalry
ME7 Turkish cavalry

ME15 German Asia Korps infantry

ME22 Imperial Lewis gunners, prone (3) £1.65
ME23 Indian foot in turban
ME24 Turkish Arab Legion infantry
ME25 Irregular Arab cavalry
ME26 Sharifian regular cavalry

ME28 Turkish Stormtroopers

ME33 Imperial infantry in pith helmet, firing/kneeling
ME34 Imperial infantry in tropical helmet, firing/prone
ME35 Sharifian infantry
ME36 Turkish infantry, firing/kneeling
ME37 German Asia Korp, throwing grenade (10) £1.75
ME38 Turkish Generals (Cemal Pasa + Sevki Bey) with map £1.00

Russian - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-i/russian/
RP13 Senior Officers (2) £0.60
RP14 Generals (Tsar Nicolas + Grand Duke Nikolaevich) with map £1.00

- Packs contain 30 foot / 15 cavalry, priced at £5.25 unless shown otherwise.
- Italics denote revamped packs.

And as always, here's some pics to tempt you!

B9 - Belgian Generals

GP49 - German Dismounted Uhlans

ME4 - Dismounted Australian infantry

ME7 - Turkish cavalry

ME23 - Turkish foot in turban

ME25 - Turkish irregular cavalry

ME25 - Sharifian infantry

ME38 - Turkish Generals

Looking ahead, we'll be jumping back 50 years with the new 1850's/60's Italian range coming online soon. The last production moulds will be done on Tuesday so we'll have those on the website by the end of next week.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

This release should be a useful one for a variety of games and periods, basically anywhere that you'd have found wooden houses and fire!

There's two slightly different types in the pack and the chimneys are separate pieces so you can choose whether to put them in or not. The left-hand ruin measures 70x50mm, and the right-hand one is 75x50mm. The chimneys are 30mm tall.

Scenic Items & Terrain
Eastern Front
SCN-EF08 Burnt out houses (x2) £5.00

These are based on a variety of period photos which show burnt out buildings like this with the chimney left intact. With the chimneys left off though, these could do service almost anywhere really.
Made in in

New Delhi, India

Some interesting stuff there for Adeptus Titanicus players.

Sorry if it was mentioned but what scale are the WWII tanks?

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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

 Kid_Kyoto wrote:
Sorry if it was mentioned but what scale are the WWII tanks?

Thanks for the reply, these are all 10mm models, so 1:150th scale.
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Regular Dakkanaut

Sunny Middlesbrough!

The new releases continue apace with another new range online now!

The Risorgimento ('rising again') was a movement in the 19th Century aiming to unify the Italian states into a single Kingdom of Italy. After the Napoleonic Wars, rule of these states had been restored to Austria, a move opposed by many. After the failure of liberal and republican revolutions in 1848 (1st Italian War of Independence), leadership of the unification movement passed to Piedmont. With French help, the Piedmontese defeated the Austrians in 1859 (2nd Italian War of Independence) and united most of Italy under their rule by 1861. The annexation of Venetia in 1866 (3rd Italian War of Independence) and papal Rome in 1870 marked the final unification of Italy and hence the end of the Risorgimento period.

Our range covers all of the troop types across these wars, with infantry in tunic for the first two wars and in greatcoats for the later period. The grenadiers in bearskin can be used up to 1859 at which point they switched to the same uniform as the line infanty. Cavalry switched from lances to sabres and carbines over that same period.

We'd like to thank our friend Fabio in Italy for all of his help with this range, his reference material has been invaluable in getting the details right!

We've got some flags coming soon for these armies, so keep an eye out for those as well.

19th Century
1849-1866 Italians - https://pendraken.co.uk/19th-century/europe/1849-1866-italian/
ITL1 Line infantry in tunic (1849-1859)
ITL2 Line command in tunic (1849-1859)
ITL3 Line infantry in greatcoat (1859-1866)
ITL4 Line command in greatcoat (1859-1866)
ITL5 Grenadiers, including command (1849-1859)
ITL6 Bersaglieri, including command
ITL7 Garibaldini, including command
ITL8 Line cavalry (dragoons) in helmet with lance
ITL9 Cavalleggeri cavalry with lance
ITL10 Cavalleggeri cavalry with sabres
ITL11 Carabinieri cavalry
ITL12 8pdr guns with line crew
ITL13 8pdr guns with horse crew
ITL14 8pdr guns with Garibaldini crew
ITL15 16pdr guns with line crew
ITL16 15cm howitzers with line crew
ITL17 15cm howitzers with horse crew
ITL18 15cm howitzers with Garibaldini crew
ITL19 Mounted Officers (5) £1.75
ITL20 Mounted Generals (5) £1.75
ITL21 Giuseppe Garibaldi (1) £0.75
ITL22 Casualty marker (10) £1.75
(Packs contain 30 foot or 15 cavalry, priced at £5.25 unless shown otherwise)

1849-59 Army Pack
3 x ITL3. 1 x ITL4, ITL6, ITL10, ITL12 £33.00

1859-1866 Army Pack
3 x ITL1. 1 x ITL2, ITL5, ITL8, ITL12 £33.00

And some pics!

ITL1 - LIne infantry in tunic

ITL3 - Line command in greatcoat

ITL6 - Bersaglieri

ITL10 - Cavalleggeri cavalry with sabre/carbine

ITL12 - 8pdr guns with line crew

ITL20 - Mounted general

This new range takes us to 113 releases so far this year! And we're ploughing ahead with even in the next few weeks, as the Korean range nears production...!

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