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The Pathfinder Playtest officially launches on August 2, 2018!

In 2008, Paizo launched an unprecedented public playtest aimed at updating the third edition rules to make them more fun, easier to learn, and better able to support thrilling fantasy adventures. More than 40,000 gamers just like you joined in the fun by playtesting the new Pathfinder RPG rules and providing feedback, and the rest is gaming history. Now, 10 years later, it's time to put the lessons of the last decade to use and evolve the game once again. It's time for Pathfinder Second Edition!

Pathfinder Playtest Features
The new Pathfinder Playtest rules are the first step in the evolution to the new edition. We have incorporated the best innovations and lessons of the last 10 years to move the game forward in new and exciting ways. As we count down the days to the Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook release, we'll be revealing more information on the following topics (and more!) on the Paizo blog:

10th-Level Spells and 4 Spell Lists
Alchemists in Core
Archetypes and Multiclassing
Class Changes
Classic Monsters and Magic
Clean, Modular Information-Based Design
Combat Maneuvers that Rock
Designed for All Levels of Play
Easier to Play
Goblin Player Characters
Heroic Storytelling
Innovative Initiative
More Customization
New Background System
Pathfinder Society
Production Values
Race Changes and Feats
Rebalanced Magic Items
Simplified Actions
Streamlined Proficiencies
True to Pathfinder
Wayne Reynolds Art

Pathfinder Playtest Products
All Pathfinder Playtest products will be released as FREE downloads exclusively at paizo.com on August 2, 2018. On the same day, we'll release limited-edition print versions of the Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook, Pathfinder Playtest Adventure, and Pathfinder Playtest Flip-Mat Multi-Pack for players and Game Masters seeking the ultimate playtest experience. These print editions will be available for preorder from local retailers now and paizo.com between March 20 and May 1. We'll also have copies at the Paizo booth during Gen Con 2018 in Indianapolis on August 2–5.

Paizo will not reprint the Playtest Rulebook or Pathfinder Adventure, so players must preorder to ensure they do not miss these items. We have created a preorder form you can print out and take to your local retailer, or you can preorder print editions from paizo.com between March 20 and May 1.

more info and a Q & A etc through the link.

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Combat Jumping Ragik

Beyond the Beltway

Launches in August, 5 months from now. People will forget all about it by then. Internet attention spans and all that.

Offering to sell a premium LE Playtest book is a bit audacious.

It will be interesting to see what the 2e Pathfinder really entails. I've found 1e to be not my cup of coffee at all. I have enjoyed the card game, which is also under revision.

Also interesting to note the CTO's statement in the Q&A section that Paizo is doing better than ever financially.

I'll get the free PDf, if I remember.

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Grisly Ghost Ark Driver

Cautiously optimistic. PF is kinda overbloated with a lot of useless rules right now, but the main reason I love Pathfinder and loathe 5E is the complexity and build game. It sounds like they're committed to build variety and choices when you level, which is good, but it also seems like they're taking some "lessons" from 5E, which is bad.
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Incorporating Wet-Blending

Houston, TX

So Pathfinder is spawned from 3.5ed, so I assume 2nd ed will be built on that chassis? Cleaned up, but still following the D20 model. Interesting.

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Grumpy Longbeard

According to Cam Banks (does not work for Paizo, but has friends who worked on it) on Facebook, they are changing the term races and going with ancestries.

An interesting change in terms, honestly. I wonder how this will affect the game overall or if it is just a minor semantic change?


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Jealous that Horus is Warmaster

Philadelphia PA

I'm looking forward to it, slightly concerned about some of the changes to monsters (they'll be types that the DM can juggle the stats on, which gives me a 4th ed vibe of "minion, bosses etc") and the new action economy (if everyone can blow their actions on multiple attacks starting HP is going to have to be higher since a fighter could be throwing out 3x great axe hits).

It's been 10 years and as someone else said there's been some book bloat, so I think a new edition is the right move. 3.5 sort of dragged on with more and more splats when it should have stopped sooner.

So Pathfinder is spawned from 3.5ed, so I assume 2nd ed will be built on that chassis? Cleaned up, but still following the D20 model. Interesting.

That was one reason I liked Pathfinder starting up, I'm hoping we'll see some divergent evolution as the 3.5 based PF and WotC's DnD try different ideas.
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Grisly Ghost Ark Driver

Apparently they've already committed to a highly modular class design system with rogue talents/rage powers/etc being folded into different types of "class feats" that everyone will get access to (so every even level your monk gets a monk feat, or your wizard gets a wizard feat, etc) which is A) a reflection of one of the main things I like about Pathfinder and B) completely different from 5E's "this is what your class does and if you don't like it then feth you". As such I would expect PF2 to still reward high system mastery and have a lot of fun in the build game.
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Soul Token

West Yorkshire, England

 Arachnofiend wrote:
Cautiously optimistic. PF is kinda overbloated with a lot of useless rules right now, but the main reason I love Pathfinder and loathe 5E is the complexity and build game..

Huh, that's the exact reason I've really gone off Pathfinder (though that was a continuation of burning out on D&D 3e hard a few years before). The character build minigame was fun if you were a real gearhead player (and I was), but having characters ranging severely in competence / brokenness was where the problems started to come up. Between the book-keeping of stacking buffs, the arms race of big numbers and the joy of being a DM trying to design encounters at higher levels, I was very ready for something simpler.

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Hangin' with Gork & Mork

 jmurph wrote:
So Pathfinder is spawned from 3.5ed, so I assume 2nd ed will be built on that chassis? Cleaned up, but still following the D20 model. Interesting.

I think this time the changes made are significant enough (in addition to those made in 1st edition that are ported over) to legitimately allow folks to call it its own game rather than a followup to D&D3x.

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 Red Harvest wrote:

Offering to sell a premium LE Playtest book is a bit audacious.

I'm a fan of physical core books at the gaming table myself (although I use digital to peruse the same things in between games) but I'd personally never buy something that had a very limited shelf life still significantly in flux. That said.. they're asking people to preorder well in advance and everyone knows what they're choosing to get into so power to them as people who order get what they want and the company makes money; the free PDF is always a legal option for the masses like me instead. I see this entirely more favorably than the Palladium style of releasing "raw" unfinished books that they were just too lazy to get around and properly finish in time for gencon.

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Combat Jumping Ragik

Beyond the Beltway

I understand people wanting a printed book, no problems with that. The idea of a limited edition premium playtest book, with the foil embossed hard cover etc. seems really silly.

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Member of the Malleus

Pathfinder has been on their 'First Edition' for...a long time now, haven't they?

I suppose a new edition as ultimately necessary inevitable?

Is D&D 5th Edition doing that well, and stealing back some of the thunder that was stolen from them by Pathfinder?
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Hangin' with Gork & Mork

10 years. It's a very respectable length of time. Anything over 5 years isn't premature while 10 years is the cusp of too long in the tooth. Ymmv.

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Legendary Master of the Chapter


The main thing in 5e's favour is accessibility; the RPG genre as a whole is growing rapidly thanks to something of a resurgence off the back of stuff like Stranger Things and Critical Role, and for most people stepping into RPGs, 5e is a very easy place to start. It's the easiest to find players for, the rules on the player end are not really that daunting once you actually start playing and there's a ton of resources out there. Pathfinder's target share of this new demographic is probably the people for whom D&D is a nice introduction, but who want something a little more complex.

A new edition of Pathfinder isn't necessarily that interesting to me, but it certainly gives them a chance to really double down on emphasising the difference between it and D&D and the choice it offers players. With 5e being fairly streamlined and 'simplified' (certainly not a bad thing, mind), a new edition of Pathfinder is an opportunity to take its crunch-heavy, mechanically-driven roots and go even further with them, as well as bringing in some of the more popular elements from 5e such as the Backgrounds system and ultimately 'modernise' a bit as the original is nearly a decade old at this point and there has to be lessons that have been learned there, simply from the hundreds of thousands of hours of experience people have had with the system. Pathfinder 2nd is an opportunity to strengthen its identity and capture a share of the new market, rather than relying on the 3.5 legacy that for any new players, won't carry that much weight.

I'll certainly take a look at the PDFs if I remember to (I do think announcing it this far in advance means a lot of people will forget by the time it actually rolls around), 5e is pretty much perfect for the sort of game I like to run but I'm open to experiencing different approaches, there's always going to be something to learn from it.

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It looks interesting, and I'll give it a go, but to me it isn't Pathfinder without the (frankly horrendous) crunch.
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