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Made in hu
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all,

I play casual 2v2 games with my friends(kharadron, sylvaneth, death with nagash, tzeentch) and we are planning to expand our armies to 2500pt. Can you suggest some units for ~ 400pt( my idea balewind vortex + lord of change or 2 units skyfires).
My current 2k list:

1x Lord of change(general)
1x chaos lord on manticore(mark of tzeentch)
3x tzaangor shamans

2x10 kairic acolytes
2x5 chaos warriors(mark of tzeentch)

Other units:
2x 3 tzaangor skyfire
1x5 chaos knights (mark of tzeentch)

Any idea/suggestion?

Thx for the help

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Made in pl
Been Around the Block

Your Lord of Change greatly boosts casters within range (Beacon of Sorcery) maybe add some to the list.

Changeling - good for slowing down fast enemy elites
Pink Horrors - better battlelines than warriors or acolytes, casters
Ogroid Thaumaturge - strong melee Hero with spells
Gaunt Summoner (on Balewind Vortex) to counter hordes
Changehost Battalion - unit swaping tricks and additional artefact.

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Made in us
Terminator with Assault Cannon

As mentioned above, get a gaunt summoner with familers on a vortex. He has one of the most powerful spells in AoS and as tzeentzch you could always have one.

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Also I would look at more chaos warriors, them tzeentzch marked with a warshrine and a mystic shield are tanky as all hell

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kill ALL the orks!

1500 pts Legion of the Damned (Salamanders)
1500 point Dewathwings  
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