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Made in gb
Sword-Bearing Inquisitorial Crusader

Near London, UK

Hello. I'm Marco Skoll, the infamous Inquisitor player/GM. I run a large chunk of the Inquisitor events in the UK, was fairly central to the effort to archive Inquisitor articles when Fanatic and Specialist Games shut down, have at various times won every category (Overall, Player, GM and Hobbyist) at the Inquisitor Grand Tournament*, these days administrate The Conclave forum (and its Facebook), and play/collect/model for both 28mm and 54mm.
* "Grand Tournament" makes it sound more competitive than it is. In reality you're scored by other attendees on being interesting, creative, fair and fun to play with, rather than bloody-minded achieving of objectives. Years ago, back before "Grand Tournament" became more genericised, Games Workshop gave permission to use the name and make it a semi-official event, and it's stuck since (perhaps not wisely, as I've seen people be put off by the idea that it's some kind of aggressive "play to win" event, but I digress).

I've not bothered to start a log on DakkaDakka before, but for a quick sense of my previous work:

Lady Martejja Riemann - 54mm scratch sculpt, based on artwork from The Inquisitor Sketchbook:

Corporal Calleigh Fielder - 28mm male-to-female conversion. (Head swap and narrowed ribcage/shoulders).

Sentinel and Razorback - 54mm scratchbuilds. These also have slightly less dangerous Power Lifter and Rhino loadouts, depending on scenario requirements.

Right now though, my thoughts are turned to terrain, as I'll be running Inquisitor narrative events as part of the London Grand Tournament in May, (Insert shameless plug here), and I need to expand my collection slightly to accommodate the event.

To start, I've decided to rebuild the terrain from Paul Rudge's old Inquisitor terrain articles (from WD 260-263, used in "The Paraelix Configuration" battle report in WD 264). It's iconic and it's configurable, so it makes for great Inquisitor terrain. I'm making a few changes along the way - reducing the size slightly to make it viable for both 28mm and 54mm Inquisitor (some taller 54mm models will have to watch their heads on the doors and 28mm models will be greeted by vast imposing industrial doors, but this is exactly how GW's "Cities of Death" terrain range was designed), as well as making it collapsible for transport.

A quick sense of where it is now (with the basic structure and some initial detailing).

A rough sense of how it's designed to pack down (slightly older pictures):

And a rough sense of scaling (even older picture).

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Project log - Leander, 54mm scale Mars pattern Warhound titan 
Made in gb
Sword-Bearing Inquisitorial Crusader

Near London, UK

Gah - I always forget to keep my threads updated somewhere or other.

The terrain did get into a working state, including openable doors:

Additional buildings designed to slot together into a suitcase for transport:

The iconic obelisk (if a little less warped than the original, due to time/bitz constraints):

And a working plasma generator (well, it generated plasma, certainly) based on the old Dawn of War Thermo Plasma Generator design, in keeping with the general nostalgic angle of the project:

You can see some of the set in action at the Inquisitor event at the 2018 London GT here (here it was mixed with a forest set I've been working on, where "forest" actually means plenty of trees rather than a few dead ones):


Other projects since have included some characters for the Guardian event, used to play test the Inquisitor Revised Edition rules.

For a starting point, a literal sextuplet of daemonettes, the Winterholme sisters - the last of the infertile Winterholme line, their father tormented by the cruel joke of six daughters but no son.

I seem not to have final photos of these, but I do have a few WIPs that give a sense of the project, which was thanks to GW doing the Juan Diaz Daemonettes in one of their Made to Order batches:

And Lady Helena Van Brasing, the latest of the Van Brasing line (who had married into the Winterholme family and now bear the shame of one of their line being the mother that bore the sextuplets - and who are now famed daemon hunters trying to erase that stain) - a conversion of the rather lovely Belladonna from Forge World:


And now, for my next event, Fracture (shameless plug link), a number of civilians - the event is set around a political revolution (although the situation is further complicated by the cryptic prophecies of astropathic messages arriving before they're sent).

These are an odd project for me, as I don't normally work in plastic for Inquisitor (normally it's painstakingly dissected metal), but I've acquired a stash of Necromunda gang boxes (everything so far except Goliaths), Genestealer Cult Acolytes and Chaos Cultists, which will be supplemented by whatever I can find in my bitz box from the last twenty years in the objective of making a wide variety of non-combatants to provide a crowd for any such scenes.

These are all WIP so far - aside from the fact there's things I want to fix, I'm planning to do greenstuffing in batches. The first five are going by the names The Administrator, Drunkard, Hardman, Beastmaster and Dancer:

Project log - Leander, 54mm scale Mars pattern Warhound titan 
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