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big ol campaign of orks/ogres vs dwarves  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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now these aren't detailed battle reports, but more like the jist of what happened in our campaign. a big escalation of 4 age of sigmar games. check them out below.


have any questions? ask on the blog, if you want an answer from the dwarf player. ill answer any questions to the best of my abilities on behalf of the orks in this thread.


also check out the blog in general, my brother has many posts both aos/40k related of his conversions.

for example:
here's the post of the temp campaign rules we used
and here is how my brother made the terrain for the dwarf hold

if your interested in my thoughts on the campaign? well i was quite pleased. it was fairly balanced, comparing that it is even melee focused destruction vrs ranged focused order it was not one sided, each game became nail biters.

my forces of destruction was a combination of gutbusters/greenskinz/ironjaws and they all were useful in the battles. these battles were much more balanced then my experiences with orks in 40k. my dread mob roks are always going to be my main army, but having these aos games really was a breath of fresh air.

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A bit late but i wanted to say that i really enjoyed these reports! A nice old school feel, and the scenery was really well made.

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Great write up mate thanks. Looks like it was great fun to play and the dwarf terrain looked fantastic.

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