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Help me Orky-1 Ke-Nobby, you're my only hope. I need 1 pair FW Tyranid Warrior Wings.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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The Hammer of Witches

A new day, a new time zone.

I'm turning a Red Terror model into a flying hive tyrant, and due to the slender build of the model, the regular dragon wing solution really doesn't work. Gargoyle wings fit better, but too small, making him look like an itty tyranid fairy princess.  I think that the Forge World Tyranid Warrior wings would work really, really well, but I don't want to pay 14 pounds for three sets.

I know that it's unlikely someone will have a pair just laying around, but I don't suppose today is my oh so lucky day, and someone just happens to have an unused set of Forge World Warrior Wings they're willing to sell, do they?

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