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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Next installment of a GT practice game. Running with a newly tweaked list:

Lord Celestant on Stardrake - Mirrorshield / Keen Clawed / Staunch Defender
x2 Lord Castellants
x2 Lord Relictors - Lightning Chariot
2x2 Fulminators
1x5 Paladin Protectors
2x5 Liberators
1x10 Liberators

SCE Vs Sylvaneth - Duality of Death

This was a real slogging fest. Within the GT tournaments you only have 2.5 hours to wrap up the last round for both players. Best case we started at 20:00 and played through til 23:00. So we did overrun in order to finish turn 4. (Must get quicker!)

Opening deployment. Take note of the Wildwood placed in front of the left most objective. I decided to go relatively defensive in that area, and focus on the right flank with my hard hitters. Considering the Treelord was also stationed on the their left flank. Predicting the Kuranoth would also join him.

Slyvaneth get the first turn due to a 2 army drop. Utilising the Gnarlroot battalion and wargrove? Without surprise the dryads zip through the woods and appear in the Wildwood on the left flank. They fail to get mystic shield on then, however the sisters of the thorn do get their spell on them. The Kuranoth hunters both pop up on a newly created wood of the far right objective. The branchwitch also goes through the woods to capture the left most objective.

The Treelord moves to support the Kuranoth, whilst the sisters and eternal guard inch forwards.

My turn arrives. The Stardrake doesn't like the look of the Kuranoth and ideally I don't want to charge him, to benefit from staunch defender. The Dracoth's on the other hand go in, looking to benefit from their 3 damage on the charge. Whilst I also drop in my Protectors behind the Treelord. (In hindsight here, I should have waited to position better for charges.) A 9" charge on the Protectors is always a risk, and I feed in my Liberators and Dracoths piece meal. I shouldn't have worried about being charged, as really Slyvaneth was looking to bunker on the Objective.

I fail the Protectors charge, and my Dracoths do well, but the Kuranoth make thier 4+ rerolling saves! #ChargeBlunted. My Liberators as a supporting action charged in and take heavy losses, eventually running to battleshock.

I also lightning stormed the Dryads, just in case they decided to charge, but for the most part I bide my time here. I did not want to charge into the woods, nor did I want to take mortal wounds back due to the Sisters spell. With no rend, The Dryads would be making me hit on 5s and saving on 3/4's with re-roll. Doing mortals back on each successful save. The math didnt seem worth the charge.

End of my turn One. Slyvaneth wins priority.

The Eternal Guard decided to charge my left most Fulminators and close the gap on the objective. At the time my opponent forgot the terrain was deadly, losing 5 models! A new unit of 10 Dryads also comes up in a new wood in the middle of the board. Threatening the Protectors or to hold up the Fulminators again.

The combat goes badly for the Eternal Guard, with only 2 to 3 remaining after taking heavy losses and bad bravery checks. The combats roll forward on the right flank, with the Kuranoth dishing out more hurt, my Liberators try to tank what they can!

My Stardrake makes its charge. At this stage I want him to focus on the Treelord due to only Heros/Behemoths being able to capture objectives. I just can't get through his armour save though and the Treelord tanks the Drake easily. My Paladins fail their charge again!

I decide to commit on my left flank as I want to pull the Dryads away from the Objective as best as possible and let my Fulminators at the Bracnchwych.

I decide not to hit the Dyrads, again due to math reasons, but atleast I've dragged half of them away from the Objective.

Seeing my Lord Relictor and Castellant behind the Liberator line, the Slyvaneth use the new 10man Dryad unit to charge and tie them up. They take no casualties charging through the deadly terrain.

The combat progress on the right flank, but I just cant put a decent enough dent into the Kuranoth and Treelord. They either heal back up due to Regrowth, or Kuranoths come back to life, even after eating them! What was odd, is that the Treelord is able to stomp on my Stardrake and make him -1 to hit, as hes fallen over!? The Protectors get 4 wounds through on 6's, however the Treelord saves them all >_<

After dealing with the Dryads on the left flank I finally have an opening to charge in and take hold of the left objective. Having killed both the Branchwitch and Wraith with Rain of Stars, plus some Lightning Storms.

It's just to late though. Whilst I capture that objective to take me to 4 VP's to my opponents 9. A unit of Tree Revenants come up behind my Stardrake, and make a 12" charge. Despite me eating the Treelord finally after enough damage on turn 4, I can't get out of combat with the Kuranoth and now the Revenants in order to get close to the objective and cap. Our time was also run out before being able to start turn 5, so I had no hoping of making back the points, despite Slyvaneth no longer having any heros on the table anymore.

Duality of Death is a real tough nut to crack if your not going first, and come up against superb bunker armies.

Lesson's learnt, and I think I played most things as I should have done. Whilst I could have timed my charges better on the right flank, the saves on Kuranoth and Treelords in Wildwoods are just too damn good to shift!

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