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So having dug out my old GW catalogue I also found a stack of old PC Gamers and another stock of old Demo/patch/addon disks (not in any order but certainly most are PC gamer disks/DVDs).

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any use or would like or knows anyone who would like this kind of stuff. I'm not one to waste things, but right now I can't think of any use besides sending it all to the recycling bin (and the disks to the veg garden as birdscarers). It seems a terrible waste. They aren't in "mint" condition (most certainly they were read and read and re-read once more) so are no where near what most would consider collectable quality (if anyone would even collect such a thing) but they are not in terrible condition (by and large).

Anyone got any ideas?

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Ebay. I've seen all sorts of old magazines/issues sell on there, even got some old White Dwarfs when I was trying to fill the holes in my library.

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