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Regular Dakkanaut

Hello all.

So it's time to start painting up my Bloodhound and I'm not happy with the dark red and gold. As such, I've decided I want to do the mortals with a dark silver trim and a bright warm colour as the primary.

I'm therefore after opinions as to which is better. The red is easier to paint but not by much.

The base for both is a simple lava setup. I'll add more intricacies once I've settle on a scheme.

The daemons side will be the general red and gold.
[Thumb - 20180704_165425.jpg]

[Thumb - 20180704_165401.jpg]

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Canary Island (Spain)

Personally I prefer the red one. Just my opinion.

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New York, USA

I personally always go for unique color schemes as they give the mini's more of a personal touch, so I'm voting orange. It would be even better if you gave the orange an edge highlight on the Khorne headpiece with something like Ungor flesh, or Flayed One Flesh.

Bases are ace! Good job

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I like the orange scheme more! it's a bit different, and it's jumps out at me more.

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The City of Nothing

I prefer the orange, on the caveat that the bases are mostly black and the actual lava is kept to a minimum, the way you have it there.

Red and silver is alright, but nothing really pops about it and it seems to be overpowered by the basing.
Made in au
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

I too quite like the orange one and agree flayed one could be a good highlight.

How’d you do the bases btw? They look swish
Made in de
Pewling Menial


Without the pictures I would have said to go with the classic red. But after looking at your test miniatures, I'd personally go with the orange scheme! I really like it, it looks so much more lively and active than the red scheme, which appears more calm and stoic.
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

 Tiberius501 wrote:
I too quite like the orange one and agree flayed one could be a good highlight.

How’d you do the bases btw? They look swish

Thanks all.

The bases are from a Warhammer TV tutorial. Just google Wargammer TV Volcanic Base and you should find it.

In short however, paint the base a darker yellow (Averland Sunset)
Add some patches of orange
Add some brigher yellow to the middle of the yellow
Add some spots of white to the brighter yellow
Cover the whole base in Martial Ironearth
Blast with a hair drier for 20 or so seconds
Mix Abbadon Black with a little bit of Nuln oil
Dab this onto the Martian Ironearth until covered (softly with the side of the brush as to no pierce the ironearth)
Another blast with the hair drier for 20 seconds and then leave to dry naturally.

An extra step I did is that if it didn't crack as well or as much as I wanted when dry, I blast it again with the hair drier for anything up to a minute. The once painted red used a base that had the extra blast whereas the orange one is without.
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