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Painting Within the Lines

Helsinki, Finland

Hello, so I'm planning to start vanilla Ariadna, and I'm not sure how their camoflage and infiltrate works? Also, I had some advise about waiting for next gencon (?) and a new starter pack for russians, is that clarified they are getting one?


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The bit about GenCon(which is coming soon-ish) is in response to rumors/insinuations of a new 2 player starter set featuring the Tartary Army Korps(TAK)--which is the in-universe name for the Russians.

Camo+infiltrate for them is basically going to be the 'standard' stuff, no Thermo-Optic. There's a few pieces with what is called "Ambush Camouflage" where they get to start off in Camo, attack--and then can't recamo.

There's your confirmation.

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The Russians are getting an Army Pack, and their own sectorial. Thats definitely been confirmed a while ago.

If you're just going to go for vanilla then no reason not to start now. Only reason to wait would be if you wanted to be pure Russians, and even then all of the existing Russian stuff is vanilla only so might as well... Ariadna probably has the most camo out of any of the armies in Infinity. You can actually make an army list where everybody is a camo token. The only thing is that Ariadna has no TO camo. Only regular Camo, Ambush Camo, and Limited Camo.

Handing a blank army list to your opponent is always fun.

Regular Camouflage works as follows,

It gives -3 to ranged attacks as well as the Stealth rule.

It gives you the ability to use Surprise Attack, which forces an additional -3 penalty to FtF rolls when you are coming out of camo. IE: You are in camo and declare an attack vs a target. You come out of camo and the target suffers -3 on his FtF roll against you because you are being sneaky. This stacks with the -3 to ranged attacks from just having the Camo rule.

You can(read: always will) deploy as a Camo token. Being a token vs a model has a bunch of rules associated with it.

A model with Camouflage can spend an entire order to go back to being a camo token, provided it isn't in LoS or ZoC of an enemy.

Limited Camo is the exact same as regular Camo, except a model with limited Camo cannot go back to being a Camo token.

Ambush Camo is the exact same as regular Camo. Except for during deployment. During deployment, you get to place a 2nd camo token within your ZoC and following the same deployment rules. This Decoy camo token remains on the table until the associated model with Ambush camo reveals itself, at which point the Decoy is revealed to be fake, or the Decoy token meets any of the conditions for revealing a Camo token(IE: it is the target of a successful intuitive attack, Discover, Sensor, etc...). Useful for early game wasting of your opponent's orders and playing mind games. Your opponent might waste a couple orders trying to Discover/Attack the Decoy, or avoid it thinking its a model. Or he might ignore a real model thinking its just a decoy.

Infiltration is one of the many skills which are leveled skills(Camo is also one of them). Each level works differently.

Inferior Infiltration(level 0): A figure with this skill MUST deploy outside their deployment zone in the opponents half of the table. To do this, they make a PH-3 roll. If the roll is failed, they instead deploy in their friendly deployment zone touching one of the table edges.

Infiltration(level 1): A figure with this skill has two choices.

A: The figure may deploy anywhere on his half of the table but not beyond the middle line.

B: The figure may deploy anywhere on the opponent's half of the table, but not in the opponent's deployment zone. To do this, he must pass a PH-3 roll. If the roll is failed, you deploy exactly as if you had failed an Inferior Infiltration roll.

Superior Infiltration(Level 2): Exactly the same as Infiltration, except the Infiltration roll is PH+3 instead.

If a model has both Camouflage and Infiltration the skills do work together. With the note that if you fail an Infiltration roll you cannot deploy as a camo token. If you pass, you deploy as a camo token as normal(if you want).

A lot of Ariadnan models have both Camouflage and Infiltration of some level. Some do not however, so double check. Its a common misconception that Camo models also gain Infiltration, which is not true.

Infinity has a handy Rules wiki.


So if you are browsing the Infinity Army app you can check a rule on the wiki to see how it works.

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Ollanius Pius - Savior of the Emperor

Right behind you.

 Grey Templar wrote:
The Russians are getting an Army Pack, and their own sectorial. Thats definitely been confirmed a while ago.

Army Pack isn't confirmed(at least not 100%). They're at least getting a faction specific starter set--but there's been heavy implications of a 2 player set that they'll be a part of. The other half is where speculation, debate, and other nonsense is happening.
Made in fi
Painting Within the Lines

Helsinki, Finland

Ok, thanks guys, that was really helpful. I'm still trying to understand the rules, btw, can antipersonnel be deployed as a token?


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Beyond the Beltway

Antipersonnel mines are deployed as camo tokens, yes. Part of the mind games you can play is confusing your opponent about what a given camo token may be, a mine or, say, the tankhunter

The new Ariadna starter will be in a forthcoming release with the new ALEPH (Vedic) starter. The release will effectively be a starter set for the game, with dice, and cardstock tokens and terrain, and a starter book which includes some teaching scenarios. Standard practice is for the faction to have a 6 mini starter box, and a mini exclusive to the army box, for 7 total minis for the faction. The actual starter box, without everything else, should release in January. Starter boxes tend to be good bargains though.

Check in on the Infinity thread in the News and Rumors forum. CB is teasing details all this week. We expect an announcement next monday about pre-orders and such.

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