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Madrak Ironhide


Hello and welcome to the Retribution CID!

This CID is a little different from those in the past - we have included a list of all of the models in the cycle below. I have written a little bit about our intentions for each of these models but please remember there is a wealth of information already out about the fiction and back ground for each of these models that my be found in force books, rule books, and command books. Draw upon that information when giving feedback. Some times we do re-purpose a unit. While that is rare it will be stated in the description below if we are breaking off from the previously published back story for these units. For an example, please see Storm Fall Archers. They were not originally a House Guard unit, but they will be considered as such now.

When giving feedback make sure to explain why something is a problem, give examples from your games where these problems occurred, and suggested fixed that are directly related to that problem. We are all aware that increasing stats or making something lower in point value will increase the power level, so show why that power level increase is important to this model and where it falls short when giving suggestions like this.

We have a zero tolerance policy on wish-listing. If you want to see something in the cycle that is not here, I'm sorry, but it did not make the cut. That doesn't mean it will never appear in a CID but these are the things we chose to address in this cycle and it is very unlikely any additional models will be added. We cannot and will not look at every model in a faction during a single CID cycle.

Here are the notes for the models in this CID cycle:

New Models:

Dawnguard Trident: The Trident is a telekinetic Dawnguard manned flying tank. It has three slightly modified thresher cannons. The goal for this model is to bring a rather large amount of ranged fire power along side some utility. We have intentionally tied both of these ideas into the same resource making the player choose between utility or additional fire power. It should be durable but not incredibly so.

I would also like to mention that because of how the nature of the Retribution CID came about, this model will NOT follow the normal release pattern for CID cycles. Normally the new models are released about 3 months after the cycle. The Trident will be released farther out than that. We decided to test it's rules early and with these other options so players could talk about the interactions with this model in mind.

Things to test: Does the Trident create overpowered situations with the Ranged focused Warcasters? (Ravyn and Ossyan) Due to how well it can sit back and shoot while also having quite a bit of speed, is the mode too durable? Does it bring something unique to Retribution?

Legacy Models:

Lord Ghyyrrshyld, the Forgiven: Goreshade 4 received a large overhaul to his entire kit. Focusing down what he wants in his army while tying in some of his previous Cryxian themes seen through a new veil of "light" magic and "cold" magic lead us to where we are. We are aware that Revive is a spell that is not very popular with some of the community - I can tell you now Revive will not be removed from this caster and it is very unlikely to change as a spell because it is very closely tied to Goreshade 4's back story and his return to the Retribution.

Ravyn, The Eternal Light: Ravyn has also seen a rather major overhaul. At her base level she is a very similar caster to what she was before but with a lot more utility and personal output. Creating a more efficient and exciting caster was our main goal with her changes. Things like Counter Measure and Open Fire both make her a more active caster on a turn-by-turn basis. Her personal output has been increased to represent her combat prowess and position in the Retribution.

Daemon: We hope that this model can be brought into more games by adjusing it's point level. It has a very powerful ranged attack and is likely just a little too expensive at this time to be a consideration for many players.

Gorgon: Similar to the Daemon, the Gorgon brings some powerful abilities to the table, albiet it niche. We hope that some slight point changes can bring the Gorgon in to line with other options.

Hyperion: Increasing the aggressive nature of the Colossal is important to us. Increasing it's range is a first step and we will be keeping an eye on this model as the CID continues.

Hypnos: Once again we feel this model is in a great place but needs some points adjustments to really find it's stride.

Imperatus: A bump to a unique MAT of 8 in the faction and a reduction in points along with the inclusion in Legions of Dawn should see a marked increase in the number of Imperatus we see making it into lists.

Moros: A model that was not quite living up to its point cost, we hope the addition of Parry, speed and Melee Range, Moros will gopefully feel characterful while also making it an enticing option in the Shadows of the Retribution theme force.

Phoenix: Much like Imperatus the Phoenix was just a tad too expensive. To help differentiate it from other melee Warjack options we increased it's MAT to 7.

Dawguard Destors: An almost full re-work that accomplished all of our initial design goals should put this unit on the radar for many players. We would like to see this stay a multi-purpose unit with both ranged and melee options. To be more clear - we'd like to see both melee and ranged in the same turn.

Dawguard Invictors, Officer and Standard: Giving a little more utility and a slight point drop should make the Invictors a little more enticing.

Dawnguard Sentinels, Officer and Standard: These models are very close to where we want them - the slight point drop is there to keep them enticing while we bump up some of the other units around them.

House Shyeel Battle Mages: Battle Mages are receiving a rather large overhaul in purpose as well as rules. We hope these models can play a little farther forward. Set defense allows them to take charges significantly better than they have been able to in the past. We are aware the removal of their resilience to ranged attacks is concerning to players but we would like to see how the lists play out before we talk about further changes to this unit.

Mage Hunter Infiltrators: The simple addition of Combo-Strike to this unit was a massive increase in their power level. Accordingly, we increased their point cost. The Infiltrators should keep the feeling that they are elite fighers that are trained to work together as this cycle continues.

Mage Hunter Strike Force and Commander: Bringing utility to the theme force, the Strike Force Commander picked up some minor changes. This will be another place we will be watching closely for feedback.

Stormfall Archers: Now that they are a House Guard unit that ups their interaction with many things in the faction. Please make sure to take these things in to account when giving feedback.

Dawnguard Destor Thane: The Destor Thane has been updated to match the unit. Please give feedback on how you feel this model is playing currently.

House Shyeel Artificer: Another rather large change - The Artificer is now available in Legions of Dawn with a powerful new ability. This is one we will be keep an eye on. We want this model to remain a solid combat piece but also have strong support options.

House Shyeel Magister: Currently the Magister only received the updates that the rest of the Battle Mages did. We feel the Magister is in a solid place at the moment but feel free to give feedback should you feel differently.

Theme Forces: We are putting all four of the themes into CID. We would like to hear your feedback on the restrictions of the themes and how the changes we've made to them affect your current list building. Please note we will not be entertaining the idea to allow a single out of theme option to be included in a theme. This is not within the design parameters for how theme forces function and we are not looking to make an exception at this time.

Retribution Theme Force: Defenders of Ios: We have opened up the theme benefit quite a bit to include other options just besides Halberdiers. We want to remove the portions of this theme that are actively discouraging players from taking other options.

Army Composition. Cut “Stormfall Archer units” the army composition section.

Change the fourth benefit to the following:

For every Houseguard unit in the army, one Retribution unit without ranged weapons in this army can gain Advance Move. (Before the start of the game but after both players have deployed, a model with Advance Move can make a full advance.)

Retribution Theme Force: Forges of War: First off - we will not be adding Vyre warjacks to this theme. Opening up what can be taken for free to include Shyeel units does a lot for this list - possibly too much. We would like players to test out these list constructions and report back their findings after a few games.

Add "Solos with the Battlegroup Controller special rule" to the Army Composition section.

Change the second benefit to the following:

For every full 30 points of Retribution warjacks in this army, you can add one Shyeel unit or Retribution Solo to the army free of cost.

Retribution Theme Force: Legions of Dawn: Adding support models and removing barriers to taking the options that are available to the list are the goals here.

Add “Imperatus”, “Ghost Sniper”, “House Shyeel Artificer”, “Lys Healer”, and “Void Tracer” to the Army Composition section.

Change the second benefit to the following:

For every full 20 points of Dawnguard models/units in this army, you can add one Dawnguard command attachment or small- or medium-based Retribution solo to the army free of cost. Free models do not count toward the total point value of Dawnguard models/units in the army when calculating this bonus.

Retribution Theme Force: Shadows of the Retribution: Similar to Legions of Dawn, Adding support models and removing barriers to taking the options that are available to the list are the goals with this list as well.

Add “Moros” and “Lys Healer” to the Army Composition section.

Change the second benefit to the following:

For every full 20 points of Retribution units in this army, you can add one Retribution solo or command attachment to the army free of cost. Free command attachments do not count toward the total point value of units in the army when calculating this bonus.
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