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A bit of background first. A friend and I split a starter box of Legion (Empire for me) and so far we haven't had the time to look into playing (or even have another friend teach us), so I find myself a bit in the dark on a number of things that I hope you can help me with. I'm not big on Star Wars lore either, basically only having watched the movies.

1. I'll have several Stormtrooper units that I'd like to be able to tell apart. I don't recall anything that told Stormtroopers apart in the original movies, except for the red shoulder thingy the squad leader has. Clone troopers on the other hand show all sorts of colored stripes in the prequels. Is this approach ok for Stormtroopers or is there any notable lore that categorically rules it out?

2. I don't have an AT-ST yet, but if I get one, I imagine plain grey might look a bit dull on such a big model. Does the Empire use camouflage on their vehicles? Maybe fore particular war zones? Or is it grey all day every day?

3.While I'm firmly one of Palpy's lackeys, I need and therefore ordered Leia and three Fleet Troops. Do I need any rebel cards from the starter box to use these (I don't have much experience with Fantasy Flight, just heard about the whole catch-em-all aspect they're pushing with cards)? I don't necessarily mind getting another starter box for cards since one can never have enough Stormtroopers, but if It's unnecessary that's money that could be put to better use (say for an AT-ST ).

4. Is there a notable functional difference between Stormtroopers and Snow Troopers? I like Stormtroopers, but I also like having a bit of diversity in how my models play. I don't like spam. I intend to go with a desert theme for my army and figure I could paint the Snow Troopers khaki and pretend they have adjustable temperature regulation and not just cold weather gear.

5. Those rebel Fleet Troops? Are they specific to Alderaan or anything? Or is the uniform more widespread? Might be of interest if I find painting the same squad three times too dull.

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Stormtroopers tend to hold positions and provide long range fire support. Snowtroopers are far more aggressive and tend to be mobile objective grabbers that will severely punishing anything that lets them get within range one.

There's nothing faction specific in the starter you really need. You might want Luke and the Rebel troopers in it are a good way to fill out the Corp tax, but if you wanted you could play with Leia and up to 6 units of Fleet Troopers as your army.

In terms of painting, I'd say do what you want. The Star Wars lore has always been fairly malleable and everything about it is based on recoloring/reusing existing stuff in interesting ways, so there's probably room for any sort of paint tricksl. Personally, I went for the Clone Wars stripes to differentiate my Storm Troopers:

Made in de
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Thanks for the input. Nice army.

Good to see yellow stripes as that's my color of choice. Happy to see it'll look good.

Nehekhara lives! Sort of! 
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