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My first BA army. Trying to get a decent setup before I start ordering minis. My understanding is that at 1000 points there isn't a lot of heavy armor so let me know if I have too much (or not enough) anti-tank in the Panzerfausts and Puma.

Sorry for the lack of Easyarmy link. This is my first post and no URLs allowed.

All units are regular unless noted. The idea behind the force is that it's a ragtag mechanized force slowly retreating through Russia and making its way back to Germany. Some fresh reinforcements are here to help, but the veterans aren't at full strength and are missing some of their transports.

9 Order Dice - 991 points
60 points - Second Lieutenant and 1 Infantry
120 points - Heer Grenadier Squad (1 NCO with rifle, 8 infantry with rifle, 1 LMG)
120 points - Heer Grenadier Squad (1 NCO with rifle, 8 infantry with rifle, 1 LMG)
154 points - Heer Veteran Grenadier Squad (1 NCO with AR, 7 infantry with AR, 2 additional Panzerfausts)
136 points - Heer Veteran Grenadier Squad (1 NCO with AR, 6 infantry with AR, 2 additional Panzerfausts)
60 points - Medium Mortar Team with Spotter
50 points - Sniper Team
160 points - SdKfz 234/2 Puma (Medium Anti-Tank Gun and Co-Axial MMG)
131 points - SdKfz 251/9 Stummel (Front facing light howitzer and MMG)

Idea behind the force is that the fresh Heer LMG squads are covering fire/objective holders while the Veterans with assault rifles are moving up the field (1 squad in the 251/9) to take objectives. Puma provides MMG or anti-tank support and uses Recce to keep out of trouble. 251/9 can provide MMG fire coming up the road and then lay down howitzer fire on infantry. Mortar takes out entrenched enemy positions and sniper picks off MMG squads, NCOs, and any targets of opportunity.
My main concerns are lack of armor stronger than 8 (Puma) and whether I should break the 251/9 into separate transportation and artillery units for more order dice. I also considered using veteran 2 LMG squads instead of the Grenadiers, but for the same number of fire dice (13 at full strength) it was 11 more points per squad.
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From my little experience armour is actually pretty rare (but that is my area's meta may not be yours) So a Puma should be rather good. My commando's would have trouble with your list as they don't have a great deal of AT.

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