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I have a few bits and pieces of Games workshop products and possibly some others which I am in desperate need of being identified. I have attached some photos to this post.
For the 3 sprue set I believe them to be part of the Eldar range however I am not certain. The rest I have no idea!
I have also added an image of what appear to be miniature gears of war weapons if anyone has any idea what these are from?

Any help you can give would be excellent.
[Thumb - 2AC014C2-1D54-4D17-ACDC-CFE181E83C73.jpeg]

[Thumb - 8A9974F4-FD86-4E70-8B64-A957610B3B95.jpeg]

[Thumb - 8324E5E6-1C2D-4EDE-AA6F-809D4EFFB082.jpeg]

[Thumb - 270EFE01-46BF-4B21-A53B-52BBA34FFAB9.jpeg]

[Thumb - 0EE1C6F8-278C-4B9B-A8AD-44E95ED995F1.jpeg]

[Thumb - 67204143-BBED-43A2-B0BD-380F5A455D8A.jpeg]

[Thumb - 78BDB679-7596-4836-A407-FFCE92034C03.jpeg]

[Thumb - 5DE5F56A-06E0-4BC4-AA78-636368325F6F.jpeg]

[Thumb - FB0C38D9-5289-4A4A-A59E-9A62B2241E05.jpeg]

[Thumb - 101A4AAE-E15E-43C9-B000-72C6A6FA5CB9.jpeg]

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Villanous Scum

The first three sprues are GW sisters of silence.
The next four pics I think might be Mantic.
The last three no idea but they make me think of original Infinity by Corvus Belli.

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Fresh-Faced New User

 ingtaer wrote:
The first three sprues are GW sisters of silence.
The next four pics I think might be Mantic.
The last three no idea but they make me think of original Infinity by Corvus Belli.

Thanks very much!
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Fresh-Faced New User

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the help last time, I now have a few more sets of miniatures i need help with. Looking for the identification of each group of sets. For the set with Gandalf its more just the names of the 2 items also in the picture.

Thanks everyone this is greatly appreciated.
[Thumb - war1.jpg]

[Thumb - war2.jpg]

[Thumb - war3.jpg]

[Thumb - war4.jpg]

[Thumb - war5.jpg]

[Thumb - war6.jpg]

[Thumb - war7.jpg]

[Thumb - war8.jpg]

[Thumb - war9.jpg]

[Thumb - war10.jpg]

[Thumb - war11.jpg]

[Thumb - war12.jpg]

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From the second set of photos:

1-4 - chaos cultists (Warhammer 40k). Lots of chaos cultists. The "Chaos Cultists" box set only includes 5 basic cultists with basic weapons. The models you have include at least one heavy stubber (big machine gun) cultist, at least one cultist with a flamethrower, and at least two cultist leaders. Somebody else would be able to tell you which box sets they were from (Dark Vengeance for some of them, maybe?).

5-7 - no clue.

8 - no clue

9-10 still no clue about the plastic guy with the big gun, but the guy next to Gandalf is either Theoden (King of Rohan in Lord of the Rings), or one of the other heroes of Rohan.

11-12 Either Blood Warriors from Age of Sigmar, or some of the other Blades of Khorne units.
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Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

The guy with the heavy stubber type gun is a 3rd party MOTU Trap-Jaw figure, though I'm at a loss as to who makes it as it's not Quest Mini's one.

EDIT- Found it. It is from the Galaxy Lords () Kickstarter

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Right behind you.

5-7 are Infinity models. Without better pictures I can't ID everything definitively, but you have:

ALEPH Rebots(the spiderbots)
The old ALEPH starter set(the two legged robots that are posed as running, the female with rifle slung low and hand to ear, the guy crouched with a rifle, goggles, and hand out is the Naga Hacker, then there's a few models missing from it)
ALEPH Deva Functionaries(the two bots with larger 'backpacks' and the one that looks like Martin Sheen and the female with the knife and rifle).
The rod is an ALEPH Netrod.
The alien looking gentleman with leather coat and sniper rifle is Armand Le'Muet, a mercenary model. I think it's the general release not the tourney prize one.
The guy with the mask and gun is an Authorized Bounty Hunter. Can't remember if general release or tourney, there's too fricking many of those models.
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In addition to what Kan said above, there is also an Authorized Bounty Hunter w/ Combi Rifle (non-promo edition), an ALEPH Daysu Hacker, and an ALEPH Sophotect

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