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First battle report 1,000pt Soviet vs 1,000 German  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Lord Commander in a Plush Chair

In your base, ignoring your logic.

Some caveats before reading. Both of the players are very new to Bolt Action and the Soviet player had to fudge an army list in order to fill out to 1,000 points.

1x Veteran 1st lieutenant
3x 10 man Fallschirmjager veterans with FG-42s
1x Veteran Puma
1x Veteran Pz.IV G with side skirts

2 x Regular First Lieutenants
2 x 8 man Guards squads with 1 LMG and 1 Panzerfaust each
1 x Inexperianced 10 man squad with anti-tank grenades
1 x Veteran Sniper
1 x Veteran Anti-tank Rifle
1 x Veteran anti tank dogs (2 handlers and 2 dogs)
1x Veteran KV-2
1 x Regular SU-76i (closed top and AP ammo)

Setting tone of the game, German player gets to deploy all units and Soviet player gets to deploy 6 units after German player deploys all of his.

Turn 1)
Units move to cover or advance up floors of buildings they deployed in.
KV-2 fires at Fallschirmjager squad 1, in building scoring a hit. HE multiplies to 9 hits with 3 wounds and 2 pins.

Turn 2)
Puma attempts to engage KV-2, hits, fails to damage.
Fallschirmjager squad 3 fires at anti-tank dogs, score one wound.
Anti-tank dogs set fire to Pz. IV, Pz. IV crew extinguishes fire and turret remains unjammed.
KV-2 fires at Puma, scores hit, knocks out Puma.
Sniper fires at Fallschirmjager squad 2, misses.
Fallschirmjager squad 2 fires at Inexperienced Rifles. 5 hits, 3 wounds. Rifle squad passes morale, becomes regular.
Guards squad 1 fires at Fallschirmjager squad 2, scores 4 hits and 1 wound.
Rifle squad fires at Fallschirmjager squad 2, no hits.
Guards Squad 2 fires at Fallschirmjager squad 3, scores 7 hits and 3 wounds.
German Lieutenant fires at Anti tank dogs, 3 hits, 1 wound to finish off dogs.

Turn 3)

Sniper fires at Fallschirmjager squad 2, hits and wounds NCO, squad fails to replace NCO.
Fallschirmjager squad 2 assaults Rifle squad, less than 6 inches no defensive fire. Fallschirmjagers score 5 wounds, Rifles cause 3. Rifles route.
KV-2 fires at Fallschirmjager squad 1, misses building.
Pz.IV fires at KV-2, hits, sets fire, KV-2 crew abandons tank.
Fallschirmjager squad 1 advances to KV-2 wreck
Guards squad 1 fires at Fallschirmjager squad 2. No wounds.
SU-76i fires HE at Fallschirmjager squad 2. No wounds.
Fallschirmjager squad 3 assualts Guard squad 2. Guards squad 2 fails to hit. Fallschirmjager squad 3 wounds 4, Guard squad 2 wounds 3. Guard squad 2 routes.
Anti tank squad fires at Fallschirmjager squad 2, misses.

Turn 4.
Pz. IV fires HE at sniper team, killing both members.
SU-76i fires at Fallschirmjager squad 2, 1 wound. Squad 2 passes morale but chooses to run.
Guards squad 1 fires at Fallschirmjager squad 1, 6 hits, 2 wounds.
Fallschirmjager squad 1 fires at 1st Lieutenant 1, killing both members.
Fallschirmjager squad 3 assaults anti tank team, wounding both.

Game called due to time

Sorry it isn't very exciting. TL;DR, German veterans are better than less than full Regular Soviets and even Veteran tank crews can miss a building from 5 inches away.
Made in nz
Orc of Angmar


Very fascinating to read. I had no idea you could take two first lieutenants (unless I'm silly and you meant a lieutenant + an assistant)

I tend to shy away from making my support units veteran (regular at highest) but this battle was pretty cool. Thank you for this

The dice shall decide your fate...
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