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I was looking around at the Primaris Reavers sprue (I quite like the kit and the detail), however I do not want to field actual Reivers but potentially convert the Reiver kit using the classic SM Assault squad and/or Vanguard vet kits.

I'm assuming some intrepid kitbasher has already attempted this, so I was wondering how the scale works between the new primaris kits and the older kits. I.E. Do the old arms fit well and look proportional? Do the old Beaky heads fit and look proportional on the new primaris torsos?

I would love to hear any feedback and relevant experience doing this, as well as pics of successful kitbashes.

Thanks ahead of time, since you'll be saving me £50+ on purchases if they can't be well kitbashed.
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The conversion seems pretty simple, so I'm afraid you won't be saving those pounds Heres some links to check out what others have been doing with Reivers/Intercessors:


I don't know how the arms compare (would like to know, though), but hands, most heads, shoulder pads, backpacks and weapons are appropriate in scale. I've heard that the beaky heads don't fit because of the mk.X collars, but all others should be fine.
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Khorne Rhino Driver with Destroyer

I've swapped a few Primaris heads and arms to get a squad of 5 with different poses (and because my son, who's army it is, has decided he doesn't want any of his Space Marines to take their helmets off).

All looks fine.
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Having kitbashed a Primaris Shrike I can tell you that, as mcmattila says, the beaky helmets have a bit of a problem due to the high collars on the armour of Intercessors, but the Reivers seem to have lower ones (I don't actually own any) so you may be fine.
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As mcmattila said, heads, shoulder pads, backpacks and weapons look fine with the Reivers' size. Here's some pics of what I've been doing with them:


The old arms don't work that well with the new scale, though. The arms are noticeably shorter than their newer counterparts:

If you really want to turn these guys into Assault Marines or Vanguard vets, I'd suggest just cutting off the Reivers' hands and replacing those with ones from the Assault/Vanguard Marines. If you want to save some cash, you can buy the jetpacks and weapons from those kits separately from a bits seller, as you'll really only need those parts

Beakie heads look awesome on Reivers, by the way. I'm still thinking of turning a squad of Reivers into Raven Guard Recon marines just because they look so good on them!

As a little extra, here are some pics of a Reiver with a Power Sword, a Power Fist, and a Lightning Claw respectively:

The Power Sword looks fine, but the Fists are clearly a bit too short. I've found that the Power Fists from the Tartaros Terminator kit look more appropriate, though:

Hope this helps!

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I like that true scale scout. If I cant shift my reivers I may try that myself.

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I like that true scale scout. If I cant shift my reivers I may try that myself.

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Khorne Rhino Driver with Destroyer

Apologies for the poor picture quality, but this is a quick and simple conversion I did for a SM Captain to lead my son's army.

Primaris sergeant body, standard marine arms attached.
His gun is a meltagun combi weapon, except he's replaced the bolter part with another melta.

As you do. Cloak from a Custodes which is going to look cool once it's painted.
[Thumb - Primaris Captain.JPG]

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