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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


So I have started getting Conquest magazine, mainly to build up my Death Guard.
However it will also be giving me my first Primaris army too.

Thing is I don’t want to just do Ultramarines, I never like doing mainstream/existing stuff, rather my own successor chapter.

To this end, I’m looking at possible ideas:

I’d like to still use Macragge blue (as I got two pots of it).
Don’t mind doing a UM successor (the exclusive LT has iconography, so it’s either that or sell him. But plenty of other characters even if so).
I also have a gold, so was thinking I could fit that in there somewhere.

I had some ideas, which I drew up on the old SM painters as tests, but not sure what I like best.
So if anyone has any input, or alternate ideas. I’m all ears!

The pictures have several options for the secondary colour position on the armour.
Then also a gold, brass and gunmetal test (just ideas, could be anything.

The other possibility is this blue would be a colour to start from, then perhaps was it Nuln or blue to really darken it (almost to that crimson fist blue if it’d go that far)
[Thumb - B8FD94C6-AB68-4B9A-88EF-42F2D7CA27E1.png]

[Thumb - 767EA03B-8629-4B19-B71D-2E9EB709A0A9.png]

[Thumb - B9FAF4EB-498E-41FB-871C-A3D9A4B6558B.png]

[Thumb - F41D946E-3380-4221-B98F-998754F72C9F.png]

[Thumb - 5153430B-1F3A-4A45-8370-27A0CBFB5C69.png]

Made in us
Angelic Adepta Sororitas

I like the last one

Made in us
Powerful Phoenix Lord

How different do you want them to look, because on a table, most of those would just be mistaken for Ultramarines at any distance (particularly the last one, a dark silver/grey would blend straight into a normal Ultramarines scheme for the most part).

Maybe add the helmet or backpack or something --- at the very least the double arms?
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Yeah I want them to look different enough that people notice,
I’d do quartered type schemes but I’m no good at it.

I like the gunmetal yeah looks good, but I agree the gold will be the most noticeable, particularly on both arms.

Could go with arms and head to make it stand out.

Another option could be mostly gold, with little bits blue instead of the other way round. Just not sure if that’d look too jarring
Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

In My Lab

What did you do to make the pics of the different colour schemes?

And I like number 4, with the red.

Clocks for the clockmaker! Cogs for the cog throne! 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

I just used the old B&C marine painter page.

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