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Made in us
Possessed Khorne Marine Covered in Spikes

I'd like to make a Legions of Nagash force and I am not interested in using Vampires and am reluctantly using Arkhan because there's no more powerful version of a Necromancer that isn't a special character. Ideally, I'd have no fantasy undead monster/abominations. I'm considering proxying some Morghasts, maybe as giant skeletons or something.

This is what I'm planning for a 2,000 point army. I'm looking for general advice, like some things to add, remove, or change, or any subtle things I may have missed about Deathrattle units. Additionally, I'd like to know how powerful/competitive this list would be. I'm playing against friends and don't need anything very powerful or optimized, but I'd like to know if I'm making any bad choices.

Arkhan the Black - Lord of Nagashizzar
Wight King - Black Axe
Wight King - Baleful Tomb Blade, Skeletal Steed
40 Skeletons - FC, Spears
40 Skeletons - FC, Spears
40 Skeletons - FC, Spears
10 Black Knights - FC
10 Black Knights - FC


Artefacts: 1) Can I give an artefact the Arkhan (or special characters in general)? If I use the Ossific Diadem will it stack with Deathless Minions for units 6" away, giving them a 5+ to negate (mortal) wounds? Which artefact should I use or try out? I've been using the one that deals d3 mortal wounds to a character and then 1 mortal wound on a 4+ on subsequent turns.

Wight Kings: Can I give the Black Axe Wight King a skeletal steed or is it only available for the Tomb Blade version?

Can Vanhels Danse be casted more than once per hero phase and can a wizard (Arkhan) cast it more than once?

Grave Guard vs Black Knights vs Skeletons: I'm wondering where Grave Guard fit in, because I feel like I'd rather have Black Knights as a hammer seeing as they have 2 attacks that deal 2 damage (on a charge), 2 wounds each, and great mobility. They're harder to resurrect than grave guard, but they have more wounds and damage for the same price. I could see replacing skeletons for grave guard and having a heavy infantry army as they're just as easy to resurrect, but a bit harder to put down and with more deadly attacks, though I think the skeletons end up with superior damage if they're in large units.

I know Deathmarch requires grave guard and black knights, but I don't think I'm going to take a battalion. I could replace 10 Black Knights for 15 Grave Guard, but I couldn't afford the battalion without losing something. Perhaps I could drop 20 skeletons (6, 7, and 7) to keep them above 30, but that might be cutting it too close.

I'd love some experienced/informed advice as I've only played two 750 point games against Skaven and have very little idea what Age of Sigmar is like (coming from 40k and WHFB).

Blood for the Blood God!
Skulls for the Skull Throne! 
Made in us
Painting Within the Lines

Charlotte, NC

I'm actually just starting AOS myself, and just got through reading the LoN battletome. IIRC, you cant give artifacts to Named characters.

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